Sports Suggestive 'Christian Sex' Photo on Home Page | screen captureA woman in the throes of passion, a crucifix, and a book, presumably a Bible with a cross emblazoned on the cover. Those are the elements of a photo illustration (via PhotoDisc) gracing's front page and teasing an article entitled "Christian Sex: Holy and Hot!"

"People who have faith have better sex than swingers, says pastor," reads the subheader to the April 15 Susan Donaldson James article.

Published the same day Pope Benedict XVI is set to arrive in Washington, D.C., the article's timing in and of itself might turn heads. Of course the subject matter -- how Christian ministers approach preaching and teaching on sex and romance in the context of marriage -- is in and of itself perfectly fine for a general news publication. But the illustration in question is, to say the least, uncalled for.

What's more, tagged as "Related" articles of interest such news items as the recent Polygamy arrests in Texas and Pope Benedict's trip to the United States. This all above a topic heading entitled, "Make Your Marriage Sizzle" (screencap below): | screencap

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