VIDEO: Sen. Cruz's Father Predicts Conservative Gains, Hails MRC Mission

May 16th, 2014 12:17 PM

As a travelling pastor, Rev. Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz, is in a unique position to sense where the political winds are blowing in this mid-term election year. During a visit to the Media Research Center, the elder Cruz said that with just over five months to go between now and Election Day, he sees major conservative gains ahead, including the retirement of Sen. Harry Reid as Majority Leader that would come with Republicans winning control of the United States Senate.

Rev. Cruz has been travelling extensively in recent months, speaking at dozens of pastors’ conferences and political events across the country. In an interview with MRC Latino, he said the “energized” electorate he’s come into contact with is a direct consequence of the cumulative excesses of the Obama administration. [Watch interview excerpts below page break]

“All of the lawlessness of this administration – whether it is ObamaCare, whether it is the IRS, whether it is the NSA or Fast and Furious or Benghazi – the lack of following the Constitution, the lack of following the rule of law and lies after lies after lies, sometimes one lie to cover up the previous lie,” Cruz said, is leading people to rise up and say “we won’t take it anymore.”

“People want the truth,” said Cruz, who also offered a ringing endorsement of the Media Research Center’s mission of promoting a media culture where truth and liberty flourish. “You are doing something that is absolutely necessary in this country when we have so much of the liberal media that they have ceased to be broadcasters, they have ceased to be really journalists and they have become mouthpieces for the administration. They have apparently no concern for truth – all they want to do is promote the talking points of the administration – so you are standing in the gap.”