The Guardian: ‘Thoroughly Rational’ Women Choose Sex-Selective Abortions

You knew “safe, legal, and rare” was just talk, right? “On demand and without apology” is the real mantra of the pro-abortion left – even when the “choice” is to weed out baby girls. That the Guardian UK columnist Sarah Ditum recently admitted as much would almost be refreshing if it weren’t so chilling. 

In her article “Why Women Have a Right to Sex-Selective Abortion,” Ditum advocated for a woman’s right to “choose” based on a baby’s sex. In certain circumstances, she explained, “a woman wouldn't just be justified in seeking sex-selective abortion; she'd be thoroughly rational to do so.” The Guardian, advertised as the world’s third largest online newspaper, attracts over 12.7 million unique visitors per month from the United States. 

“It doesn't matter why any woman wants to end her pregnancy,” Ditum wrote. “If it's to select for sex, that's her choice.” She continued, “I probably sound like a radical,” but “even the most terrible reason for having an abortion holds more sway than the best imaginable reason for compelling a woman to carry to term.” 

Calling the argument that abortion kills women in the womb bogus, Ditum said, “In a world where it's possible to end a pregnancy safely and legally, it seems like rank brutality to force anyone to carry to term against her will.” Or, you know, save a baby. 

The Ditum logic turned rancid as she explained, “In the countries where it [sex-selective abortion] is a serious concern, it's a symptom of brute misogyny. And the answer to such misogyny is never to deny women power over their own bodies.” So two wrongs do make a right. 

She provided more of her “logic” to conclude, “Ultimately, if you believe strongly that girls have as much right to be born as boys, then you should also believe that women have the right to decide what happens within the bounds of their own bodies.” 

Brilliant, Ms. Ditum, brilliant. 

Lila Rose, president of pro-life advocacy group Live Action, bashed the media earlier this year for censoring abortion’s dangers to women after her organization published an investigative report on the development of sex-selective abortion in the United States.

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