CNN's Roland Martin Bashes NewsBusters in Twitter Chat About Racial Insults

April 8th, 2010 10:52 AM
The following is a Twitter conversation I had with CNN's Roland S. Martin on Wednesday.
He was upset at Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-Va.) issuing a proclamation declaring it Confederate History Month in the commonwealth without mentioning slavery.
He had retweeted Donna Brazile's tweet that she was outraged that the RNC hadn’t condemned McDonnell. Her Tweet said:  "RNC Chair should have condemned this statement,along with every GOP leader. But the double standards are so apparent with the media & blogs"
And he doesn't like NewsBusters very much (discussion follows with my tweets in Italics):

@rolandsmartin I encourage anger at insensitivity, but why is it ignored in Dems and blown out of proportion with Repubs? Double standard

@rolandsmartin The DNC defended Reid when he said O could only get elected by having "no negro dialect" and being "lightskinned."

@rolandsmartin Do you honestly believe that McDonnel doesn't think slavery was bad privately? Really??
@KatMcKinley so why didn't his dumb (expletive deleted) say this when he issued the initial statement? It's only after he got ripped.

@rolandsmartin People make mistakes. Sometimes big ones. Wasn't Clinton's coffee remark a big one?
A politician making dumb statements and then apologizing is like a wife beater giving her flowers after a fight. So forget the pain/bruises?
@rolandsmartin You can't have it both ways. If going to be offended by insensitive remarks, it has to go both ways.
@KatMcKinley I don't speak for Dems. I speak for me. I ripped Reid and Clinton.
@KatMcKinley But the reality is you're a blogger for Newsbusters. And you NEVER hold the GOP accountable for anything. S who r u 2 question?
@rolandsmartin What? That is completely untrue and judgmental. I can barely stand the GOP either. Don't avoid the question by insults
@rolandsmartin I care more about issues than party. This is 1 of our problems. We lash out instead of having a discussion.I wanted honest input
@rolandsmartin It's NOT true that Newsbusters does not hold the GOP accountable. Just not true.
@rolandsmartin Newsbusters goes after news bias anyway.
@KatMcKinley No, Newsbusters doesn't go after news bias. It goes after supposed bias ONLY against Republicans. It never chastises the right
@rolandsmartin Please don't tell me that you are using the excuse "He did it, so it's ok for me to do it?"
@KatMcKinley I'm making a point about a website that doesn't do what you yourself are criticizing. That's the point.
@KatMcKinley Actually, you're dead wrong. I don't think Repubs think that. I specifically pointed out a site you write for.
@rolandsmartin Newsbusters doesn't chastise right or left. It goes after bias against conservatives in the news.
It kills me that libs like @rolandsmartin actually believes that we think Repubs can do no wrong. HA!
@KatMcKinley and u can try to label me as a liberal, whatever. I don't fall into these ridiculous ideological boxes. My views vary.
@KatMcKinley when a really dumb comment was made, your boy Matthew Balan refused to say a word about it. Danced around it furiously.*

@rolandsmartin Who is Matthew Balan. Since he's "my boy" I should know him.
@rolandsmartin ur getting away from the discussion. Pt being you can't condemn someone for a stupid remark re: blacks unless u condemn all
@KatMcKinley YOU ARE WRONG. I condemned Reid and Clinton. Don't sit here and lie on me.
@rolandsmartin You did? I'd love to see it. If so, I apologize'
@rolandsmartin I went to ur blog & saw u on CNN on Reid. You completely defended him. Just as I thought. Link here.

I can find no reference at all to Pres. Clinton's remarks saying to Kennedy that Obama would have been getting them coffee a few years ago. If Mr. Martin did condemn Clinton and Reid, I would welcome evidence of it.
*It turns out that Matthew Balan is a news analyst for the Media Research Center who covers CNN. I guess since I write for NewsBusters and it is run by The Media Research Center, I'm supposed to know everyone there even though I live in Houston. Being that Matthew is bi racial, it is a bit insulting for Mr. Martin to call him,"my boy."
If Mr. Martin were white and a conservative, I suppose we could make a big deal out of it, and force him to apologize. Even being black and a liberal, it's still insulting. But is it really something to go nuts over?
Which was my entire point.
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