Steve Doocy Calls Out Keith Olbermann's Lies

"Fox and Friends" called out left wing anchor Keith Olbermann on his own lies. The co-hosts on the June 4 edition of "Fox and Friends" discussed the TV Newser story that NBC veteran Tim Russert is reportedly taking orders from Olbermann. Steve Doocy noted Olbermann’s rising in the ranks at NBC and also a blogging for the hard left site, "Daily Kos."

After Gretchen Carlson responded to Olbermann’s intelligence insult, Doocy noted Olbermann’s claim he does not go after public figure’s children, but named Doocy’s own son "Worst Person in the World." Doocy fumed "So next time you see Keith Olbermann on TV, just remember he is somebody who picks on people’s children. And he is a liar."

Olbermann also named Doocy’s son "Worst Person in the World," after issuing an apology for David Shuster’s Chelsea Clinton "pimped out" comment.

The entire transcript is below.

STEVE DOOCY: Over the last week or two, a number of mainstream media outlets have been taking a look at NBC News. And in particular, how do they get away with this? If you are watching their coverage over on cable last night of the primaries, the guy who is doing all of the anchoring is Keith Olbermann. Now Keith Olbermann is an activist over there. You know, he blogs for "Daily Kos" and in fact there’s a headline on one of the cable news blog sites-

BRIAN KILMEADE: "TV Newser," one of our favorites.

DOOCY: -that says "20 years"- essentially they feel sorry for Tim Russert because he’s taking orders now from the face of NBC News, Keith Olbermann.

GRETCHEN CARLSON: Well, the argument being that Tim Russert has built up credibility over the last 20 years, and that taking questions from a guy who’s an activist rather than a journalist potentially.

DOOCY: He’s a blogger at "Daily Kos."

CARLSON: Yeah, I guess, you wouldn’t have to look that far even if you didn’t watch him that often to know which side of the fence he hangs out on.

KILMEADE: And not only that, on that fence, once he gets to the other side, he is for Barack Obama. He has destroyed Hillary Clinton.

DOOCY: Oh shocking!

KILMEADE: So now are you going to have a general election situation where one person sits there and openly roots for one candidate to win.

CARLSON: Well, and apparently people inside NBC, a lot of the top notch correspondents reportedly are upset about this because they think that it is tarring the image of NBC News, that there’s going to be confusion.

DOOCY: Sure.

CARLSON: Now NBC News execs say "hey, the viewers are smart enough to figure out which side people are on and that we are reporting the news fairly." But, you know, a lot of now mainstream media newspapers writing stories about a potential conflict.

DOOCY: "The Washington Post" did it, also "Time" magazine. I feel sorry for Tim Russert. He’s been there for 20 years and now, look at him. He is essentially Keith Olbermann’s poodle, you know, answering questions and stuff like that.

CARLSON: Poodle!

DOOCY: And here’s another thing Keith Olbermann-

KILMEADE: Will he have to, will Keith Olbermann fill in the Sunday show as well?

DOOCY: Ah! It’s just a matter of time until he sits in Brian Williams’ chair.

CARLSON: You know what I really love about Keith Olbermann though? The other night he called me stupid. And, and I just find that fascinating. I’d like to know where he went to school. Where did you graduate from high school? Where were you in your class? And I’d also like to know why you’re still single. Maybe there are some stupid women out there-

DOOCY: Ouch! Ouch!

CARLSON: -that like you.

DOOCY: Here’s something-

CARLSON: Touche.

DOOCY: Since you just brought that up, I got a bone to pick with Keith Olbermann.

CARLSON: Yeah, you and I both.

DOOCY: And that is this: He said on his show the other night, that nobody here, at his show, "Countdown," has ever attacked anybody’s children. And that, Keith Olbermann, if you’re watching right now-

CARLSON: Here he goes.

DOOCY: That is an absolute lie. Remember a couple of weeks ago, we asked Peter Doocy, my son, who is a political science major at Villanova, got a room full of people, asked him about the primary season. And he asked fair hard questions about Barack Obama, Hillary, and John McCain. Well, this Olbermann character makes him the world’s worst person. Now, we have, regularly, college kids on called And these guys are on a couple of times a week. Does he pick on them? No, absolutely not. He attacked my son and made him the world’s worst person because he is my son. So he does attack people’s children. So next time you see Keith Olbermann on TV, just remember he is somebody who picks on people’s children. And he is a liar.

KILMEADE: Right and he-

CARLSON: And he called me stupid, so there!

DOOCY: And he is now the anchorman and the face of NBC News, which now they got what they wanted. Now, NBC now stands for National Barack Channel.

KILMEADE: Right, and that’s very good Steve.

DOOCY: It’s true!

KILMEADE: It’s absolutely true.

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