Joy Behar: Abortion Opponents 'Against Women'

If you don’t support abortion on demand, you’re against women’s rights. That’s according to "The View’s" Joy Behar. Debating how closely aligned John McCain’s policies are with the Bush administration, it led to a mention of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. [Audio available here.]

BEHAR: I said to [McCain] off the camera, I said to him "listen how can you be against Roe v. Wade? You can not turn on women like that."

HASSELBECK: Why is that turning on women?

BEHAR: Because it’s against women and you know it.

Earlier in the segment, discussing Barack Obama’s recent comments opining that "values voters" vote that way out of "bitterness," Joy Behar dismissed notions that Obama is an elitist and slapped that label on Republicans for advocating "tax breaks to the rich." An outraged Whoopi Goldberg shouted "I am sick of this ‘tax breaks to the rich’ crap."

BEHAR: Talk about the Republican party. Talk about an elitist party, the Republicans are the ones who give tax breaks to the rich. Those are the elitists.


GOLDBERG: Wait, wait, whoa! Whoa, wait, wait. I’m sorry. I am sick of this "tax breaks to the rich" crap.

BEHAR: Well, because you’re rich.


GOLDBERG: Well, you know what? You know what? Excuse me. That’s right and what let’s- Now do you have any issue with how I’ve spent my money? Have I not done good things in the world? Have I not shared my money? Then why should I not get my $600 back? Dammit, give me my money! Hey, you know what? No, I don’t get it. They’re not giving it to everybody.

I an admittedly humorous crack, Joy Behar mocked Hillary Clinton for claiming to support gun rights hypothesizing what Hillary would have done had she truly been a gun advocate.

BEHAR: But, you know, she’s talking about the Second Amendment now. That’s why he called her Annie Oakley. All of a sudden she’s a gun toting Second Amendment champion. I don’t know that’s exactly so her platform all of these years.

HASSELBECK: Well, she supports hunting, hunters’ rights.

BEHAR: If she was so pro gun, she would have shot her husband a long time ago.

[laughter and applause]

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