Chelsea Clinton Personally Canvassed Three 'View' Co-hosts

Does Chelsea Clinton have the ears of three of "The View" co-hosts? According to Joy Behar’s, Whoopi Goldberg’s, and Sherri Shepherd’s accounts, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter canvassed them for her mother’s vote. Unfortunately for Clinton campaign, it was too late as all three of them voted before the call. However, Whoopi Goldberg did say that she voted for Hillary Clinton and Joy Behar told Chelsea she has been a "big champion" for Hillary Clinton. The exchange from February 6 follows.

JOY BEHAR: Well, I said yesterday that I was going to decide who I was going to vote for, so when I got into the booth, I did. But then I went home and the phone rings. I was speaking to you, then I hung up and the phone rings. And who is it? "Hi, this is Chelsea Clinton." So I said "really?" [laughter] I said "the real Chelsea Clinton?" First I thought it was a prank. Then she said "no it’s Chelsea Clinton and I understand that you are on the fence about who to vote for..bah, bah, bah." And I said "oh Chelsea, nice to hear from you. I want you to know that I’ve been a big champion of your mother’s for many moons on ‘The View’ and so don’t worry about it. You know." And then she says, "okay thank you." And then I get a call from you five minutes later.

GOLDBERG: Yeah, five minutes later, "ring ring." "Hello!" "Hi this is Chelsea Clinton." [laughter] I said "look, Chelsea, I got all of the information, 500 people sent me information to show me the error of my ways. Tell your mother I rectified it and I will talk about it on ‘The View.’" And that’s what I’ve done.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: I was sitting at my computer and the phone rings and it was like "Hi, this is Chelsea Clinton." [laughter] And me, I was like "hey girl!" [laughter] "What ya doin’ Chelsea?" And she was like "we saw, we saw, we watched ‘The View’ and we saw that you were a little undecided." I was like "no girl, I put in my vote a long time ago. I’m good. What ya doin’ now?" And she was like "well, I’m really proud of my mom." I was like "talk up! I can’t hear you!"

BEHAR: Well, you probably made her deaf.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: And then my phone rang.

GOLDBERG: Yes, who was it?

HASSELBECK: "Ring, ring!" "Hi it’s Mom, not Chelsea."

BEHAR: Your mother.

HASSELBECK: My mother.

BEHAR: You didn’t get a call?

HASSELBECK: No, I didn’t get a call from Chelsea.

BEHAR: She knows that you’re a lost cause on the Hillary thing. She knows you’re not going to vote for her mother.

Whoopi Goldberg also offered a very dumb solution for slowing illegal immigration. The same co-host that compared those that wish to enforce immigration laws to Nazis, said the illegal immigration flow will halt if the quality of the blue collar jobs improve. [Video (1:05): Windows (3.93 MB)]]

"We have to start saying to people who are saying ‘come in and take these jobs,’ we have to say, ‘you know what? No, you do have workers here but you do have to give us health and pension benefits.’ You have to give all those things that we’re, that we should be having and that will stop the jobs, that will stop illegal folks from coming in because if you have to pay, you and I and somebody else exactly the right way. They’re not going to come in and take those jobs."

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