Democrat Strategy Meeting Earns Silence, Conservative Conference Spawned Protests

When conservatives gather behind closed doors, the left plans protests and counter events. When the left plans a closed-door meeting, it gets almost no attention at all.

Politico reported briefly on Feb. 16, that Democratic operatives will gather in early March for a private strategy conference. That has gotten little attention or criticism, yet when conservatives gather at the semiannual Koch conference the left mounts elaborate protests.

“Participants include Obama campaign pollsters Joel Benenson and Paul Harstad, the 2010 executive directors of the DSCC, DCCC, and DGA, Organizing for America deputy director Jeremy Bird, SEIU political director Jon Youngdahl, and current DSCC executive director Guy Cecil,” Politico’s Ben Smith said.

When the latest “semiannual confab of conservative activists” hosted by Charles and David Koch took place, people on the left from environmentalists to unions held a counter-meeting called “Uncloaking the Kochs.” The Los Angeles Times covered the protests and even linked to streaming video of the lefties’ event, but didn’t quote a single conservative in that story.

At least 25 of those left-wing protesters were arrested for trespassing, who complained that the Koch conference represented a “hijacking” of the government by billionaires. Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post detailed the Nazi signs, hateful rhetoric and uncivil behavior of the lefties at that protest in her “Right Turn” column on Jan. 31.

The Nation ridiculed the Koch brothers as the “sugar daddies of the Tea Party,” and claimed those attending would “strategize how to get rid of every regulation or politician that stands in the way of wealthy people becoming wealthier …”

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