New York Times Article on Iraq War Dead Features Israeli Flag | MRC.orgAt right is the New York Times web front page from March 24.

That's right, the story on the 4,000 American war dead in Iraq features an American soldier, Daniel Agami, in front of an Israeli flag. There were certainly other pictures available, as shown by their web page devoted to Pfc. Agami. But they chose to use one with an Israeli flag. As in, "it's the Israelis' fault."

Walt and Mearsheimer, not to mention CAIR, must be very proud.

UPDATE: It's been pointed out to me that the photo they ran came from Pfc. Agami's family.  That hardly absolves the paper from its editorial responsibilities.

Just about any photo they'd run would be probably be from the family, and they obviously had other photos to run, since they ran them on the page devoted to Pfc. Agami. This wasn't just the page for him, this was on the front page of the paper, and it set the tone for the entire section.

The paper has had a history of lending, at a minimum, support-by-implication of the Walt-Mearsheimer thesis that the Israel Lobby dragged us into Iraq, and it's an idea that has gained considerable currency on the Left.  Using this picture as representative of US war dead only furthers that mistaken idea.

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