Mika Brzezinski Again Displays Her Love for Elizabeth Warren

On today’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski openly professed her love for Democrat Elizabeth Warren, and showed viewers that she hopes the Democrat defeats Republican incumbent Sen. Scott Brown (Mass.). At one point in the segment, Brzezinski said, “And I'm so sorry for Scott Brown, who I think is adorable. But it's just not going to happen.”

This is not the first time Mika has openly cheered for the liberal Harvard professor to win the Bay State's Senate contest, but it is the first time since an embarrassing scandal came to light involving Warren's specious claim to be of Native American heritage. [Audio here. Video below the jump.]

As we've noted, Mika has previously displayed her excitement for Warren, saying that she "should win.”

During this morning’s program, Mika showed outrage while co-host Joe Scarborough was mocking Elizabeth Warren for not getting appointed to the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. After Scarborough finished, Mika got in a few comments about Warren that showed how she really felt about the Senate race. Below is one exchange.

SCARBOROUGH: We still think -- we love Elizabeth. We love Scott. They're both -- this is just going to be an incredible race.

BRZEZINSKI: It's a great race.

JOE: And they have different strengths. Elizabeth–obviously while we were interviewing her up at Fenway–

MIKA: Is the best that ever was.           

When talking about Warren not being appointed to the Agency she helped to created, Mika proclaimed, “Because she's fantastic, and they [Republicans] were scared [PAUSE] less of her.”

During Mika’s sucking up to Warren, she some how forgot to mention the most recent Elizabeth Warren controversy. While teaching as various law schools, Elizabeth Warren listed herself as a “minority.”

The full transcript is below.


Morning Joe
May 3, 2012
6:15 a.m. EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Uh, one more story to get to before we get to break. President Obama is beginning to play prominently in the Massachusetts Senate race with both Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren and incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown are using the President in their campaign messages. Warren, who was instrumental in the creation of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau touts her work with the President--

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Now is this is before or after he fired her?

BRZEZINSKI: You stop it.

SCARBOROUGH: Kicked her out of the White House.

BRZEZINSKI: That's not what happened at all. The Republicans would not have her.

SCARBOROUGH: Hold on one second. Yes, yes, yes, ok. Hey, this isn't going to work out, Elizabeth. Thank you for coming by.

BRZEZINSKI: No - Stop it right now. You know she created probably one of the most important --

SCARBOROUGH: Industry leaders drove her off. They did.

WILLIE GEIST: They did. She should have run it. But she wasn't allowed to. The President fired her because industry leaders -- there's no hard feelings, though, apparently.

BRZEZINSKI: No, I actually, I think you might want to figure in the context of the Republicans role in this, because they stomped her out.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah. Well, but I --

BRZEZINSKI: Because they want to protect their interests.

SCARBOROUGH: The President fired her because the Republicans didn't want her.


BRZEZINSKI: Because they don’t want someone coming in there and actually putting some moral compass on the way this country runs and companies in this country were run. So here's the new campaign ad.

SCARBOROUGH: The President fired her. (Laughter)


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Elizabeth Warren. She a janitor's daughter who has become one of the country's fiercest advocates for the middle class. She came up with an idea for a new independent agency that would have one simple overriding mission. Standing up for consumers and middle class families.

ELIZABETH WARREN: Big banks tried to stop us, but that new agency is already working to cut the fine print and hold those banks accountable. We can take on the big guys and win. I'm Elizabeth Warren, and I approve this message.



BRZEZINSKI: Stop it. Stop it.

SCARBOROUGH: I'm Elizabeth Warren, and this guy fired me. It's hilarious. You say it off the air. And I hate to call you out on it.

BRZEZINSKI: No, I don't.

SCARBOROUGH: You act so shocked! Oh, come on. The banks got her fired.



BRZEZINSKI: Totally different. Thrown under the bus is completely different than firing.

SCARBOROUGH: Willie Geist, so thrown under the bus is different than firing? Ok. So she was thrown under the bus? I love it. I love it. Barack Obama. Elizabeth Warren has created one of the most important consumer agencies ever, and now I'm going to fire her.

BRZEZINSKI: You had your fun. You get to act like an idiot on the set. Good for youNow let me ask you --

SCARBOROUGH: is that your defense mechanism, when you know I’m telling the truth?

BRZEZINSKI: Do you think the Republicans had nothing to do with stomping her out?

SCARBOROUGH: Of course they did.

BRZEZINSKI: Ok, good. That’s–All I want to make sure there's some balance in the conversation.

SCARBOROUGH: Of course they did.

BRZEZINSKI: Because she's fantastic, and they were scared [ PAUSE ]less of her.

SCARBOROUGH: Ok. I know you don't want to [PAUSE] let me talk, because you were wrong, but let me just say the Republicans were after her from the beginning. But you don't see her next to Mitch McConnell going, Mitch McConnell loved me. No. She is next to the guy that could have made her the head of that Agency that she started. And Willie, what did he do to her?

GEIST: I believe he fired her.

SCARBOROUGH: Actually, it was more like this, And she's like, When’s the bus coming? When is the bus coming? Hold it one second, Elizabeth, hold on. When is the bus coming? Hold on. Oh, Elizabeth, look, is that Harold Ford, Jr.? Where? Boom! Right under the bus. Right under the bus. And now he is in her ads. Boom.

BRZEZINSKI: You know what? I love this little laugh you're all having. I hope you have the same one when she wins as Senator of the State of Massachuttes

SCARBOROUGH: No, we like her. She should be there.

BRZEZINSKI: Yes, she should. And I'm so sorry for Scott Brown, who I think is adorable. But it's just not going to happen. All right.

[ Laughter ]

BRZEZINSKI: Are you done?

SCARBOROUGH: When is the bus coming? Sir? All right.

[ Laughter ]

GEIST: Julia Child? [Laughter]

SCARBOROUGH: Well, you know, Julia Child–She grew up in Massachusetts too. By Harvard.

[ Laughter ]

MIKE BARNICLE: We need to keep moving.


[ Laughter ]


BRZEZINSKI: Do you really think that i don't know what the view from under the bus looks like? You idiot. Ok. But it's not just thePpresident. And you know the Republicans stomped her out. And I'm hoping she gets them back by winning for the senate seat.

SCARBOROUGH: You're holding a losing hand, ok?

BRZEZINSKI: Actually, I'm not. Who doesn't think that elizabeth warren is a fantastic candidate?

SCARBOROUGH: We all love her. Fantastic.

BARNICLE: We're with you.

BRZEZINSKI: Good! You better be.

SCARBOROUGH: We're not knocking her. We're knocking the President.

BRZEZINSKI: You kind of are.

SCARBOROUGH: No, we're not.

BRZEZINSKI: I think it's very insulting.

SCARBOROUGH: I think you’re not, I just don't think you're paying attention.

BRZEZINSKI: And I don't think the White House would completely agree, especially President Obama with how that panned out either.

SCARBOROUGH: Well, of course they wouldn't agree, because he's the one that chunked the body under the bus. All right. But Senator Brown is also promoting his work with President Obama, highlighting his efforts to pass bipartisan legislation in Washington.


SENATOR SCOTT BROWN: A few people told me it wouldn't probably be a good idea, Scott, to go down to the White House and be seen with the President signing those bills. And I'm like, you know, why? When the invitation came, of course I said yes, because i wanted to be there to help see a common sense idea be signed by our President. It was a shared accomplishment that we all did, that we all had a part in, to actually make a difference and move our country forward. And in my book, that sure beats sharing the blame. Sharing the blame for doing nothing at all.

SCARBOROUGH: We still think -- we love Elizabeth. We love Scott. They're both -- this is just going to be an incredible race.

BRZEZINSKI: It's a great race.

SCARBOROUGH: And they have different strengths. Elizabeth obviously while we were interviewing her up at Fenway --

MIKA: Is the best that ever was.

SCARBOROUGH: And I turned and said she may be one of the best just natural political candidates I have ever seen in my life.


SCARBOROUGH: Scott then comes on five minutes later.

BRZEZINSKI: And he's good

 SCARBOROUGH: And I say this guy is Massachusetts. This guy -- I mean, this guy is the guy that you describe all the time.

BARNICLE: Yeah. No. They are both very attractive candidates. And she is astounding in the sense that she has never run for office before.

SCARBOROUGH: I can't believe it.

BARNICLE: She is a natural. Scott Brown has enormous personal appeal, though, in that state. And part of that appeal is rooted in what he was just talking about. Never mind his record, which not nearly as moderate as he is trying to portray it right now. HEe–In that state, that is 90% Democratic in the legislature, people like the option of, you know, voting for a Republican.

BRZEZINSKI: One of the reasons why she might be such a natural is because, and it's similar to when you were running and you were going after Bill Clinton, but she stands for something. She absolutely stands for something that she truly in her gut and in her instinct believes in. And that just oozes.

SCARBOROUGH: She does. But then again, also, and I'm just talking pure politics, I'm sure Steve Rattner would hate me being so --

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, Rattner will survive.

SCARBOROUGH: But again, going back, Willie Geist, to that Pat Buchanan political athlete, she runs the 40 in like 4-1. I mean, she really, as a politician, I cannot believe she's never done this before.

BRZEZINSKI: She loves it.

GEIST: You could see it before she ran. You could watch her on this show when she was talking about the banks or talking about the economy. You could see her on Bill Maher or any of the shows. It was clear if she wanted to run for office, she could, and now she's hanging in there with an incumbent.

BRZEZINSKI: She stands for something. No doubt.

BARNICLE: Running the 40 in 4-1 even after getting hit by that bus.

SCARBOROUGH: Hit by that bus. And by the way, for people at home that are just waking up and may also have a hard time connecting dots together, we weren't making fun of Elizabeth Warren. We were making fun of the White House.






















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