Morning Joe’s Brzezinski Openly Declares Democrat Warren 'Should Win' in Massachusetts Senate Race

April 10th, 2012 5:10 PM

On the April 10 edition of Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski openly endorsed Democratic candidate for US Senate, Elizabeth Warren. The left-wing Harvard professor "should win," Brzezinski proclaimed counseling Bay State voters that while incumbent Scott Brown was "great," his Democratic opponent was "fantastic." [Audio here, video after the jump]

The comment came after reading an article from the Boston Globe, saying that Warren had raised $7 million, double the amount raised by the current office holder, Republican Sen. Scott Brown. These comments came shortly after Mika appeared at the White House on Friday and cheered President Obama's "accomplishments" for women to the gathering:

“We’re going to be looking at the accomplishments of this White House as it pertains to women and the economy. We have clearly a lot of work still to do and many challenges before us. And the key is to talk about them, address them and overcome them as soon as possible, but also to celebrate what has been done, especially in the past few years by this administration.”

At least Joe Scarborough mildly defended Brown, correctly noting that most of Warren’s money came from out-of-state contributions. Of course, Scarborough probably lost his younger viewers when he tried to compare Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown to 1970s musical act Donnie and Marie.

The full transcript can be seen below.

Morning Joe
6:25 a.m. EDT


JOE SCARBOROUGH: And The Boston Globe: Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren–


SCARBOROUGH: raised nearly $7 million.

BRZEZINSKI: Yes she did–

SCARBOROUGH: Stop it now. Just stop it–

BRZEZINSKI: That's fantastic.

SCARBOROUGH: Rattner and I  like Scott brown.

BRZEZINSKI: Well, that’s fine. I like him too, but she should win.

SCARBOROUGH: Ok. Anyways, uh, She raised a lot of money in the first three months of the year, $7 million, double the amount raised by Republican incumbent, Senator Scott Brown over the same period. However, only two and a half million, or 36% of Ms. Warren’s donations came from within Massachusetts. And–and you know, I say we are sort of playing this, I'm a little bit country, and you're a little bit rock and roll, Donnie and Marie thing. But, we love them both. They’re great. Great, great people.

BRZEZINSKI: It's an exciting race.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah it is, and I certainly hope–I don't think it will get negative. I just don't.

HAROLD FORD, JR: You don't?

SCARBOROUGH: I don't. I don't think these two people are going to trash each other. I think they’re going to run on the issues. There are enough issues dividing them it can be a clean, hard-fought race.

BRZEZINSKI: It’s a really good race. He's great but sorry, she's fantastic.

SCARBOROUGH: They’re both winners. She's great, but he's fantastic.