Bitter CNN Wails: Trump Is ‘Stealing Moment of National Pride’

November 13th, 2020 6:45 PM

The DNC-aligned CNN continued its gushing over Joe Biden’s declared victory on Friday’s New Day, but bitterly whined that President Trump was ruining their partisan celebration. Co-host Alisyn Camerota complained: “This should be a moment of national pride. But President Trump is stealing that moment of national pride for us, that we did something so well, because he's tainting it.”

So CNN and the leftist media did not try to taint the results of the 2016 presidential election with their panic-ridden coverage? They didn’t admit just this month that they were still “suffering from collective PTSD?” The difference in coverage of the two elections is just hypocritical and startling.

CNN political analyst Toluse Olorunnipa continued to bash the Trump nonetheless: “The only problem is that we have a President who decides that because he lost the election, he wants to cast doubt on the entire process.” The Democratic News Network has continued its laughable call for unity, even while Olorunnipa hurled insults at the President: “…he cannot stomach the idea he's going to be a one-term President and be put down in history as a loser, to a certain extent, something that he has fought against for the better part of his time on Earth.” It is honestly hard to have unity when CNN continues to trash Trump and half the country that supported him.

This of course was ignored as co-host John Berman continued to speculate on whether Trump was planning a coup or a con on the American people. CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser remarked: “Look, Trump has set up this situation, where truth is somehow an act of opposition to the President.”



Olorunnipa kept up her attacks: “He is not likely to actually concede defeat.…But to leave in a huff and vowing to get revenge on all of the enemies that he thinks has been conspiring against him since he took office….He has all of the grievances that he needs to build up a four-year campaign of vengeance and trying to run again in four years.”

It would be nice if CNN could provide facts and information, rather than their opinions and constant attacks. Sadly, it is likely that they will continue to promote Biden while continuing to bash President Trump for the remainder of his term.

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A transcript of the November 13th Coverage is included below:

New Day
6:28 AM ET

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Okay, John, joining us now, we have CNN global affairs analyst, Susan Glasser, she’s a staff writer for the New Yorker. And CNN political analyst, Toluse Olorunnipa, a White House reporter at "The Washington Post." Great to see both of you. So on a larger scale, last night, the Department of Homeland Security, the actual unit tasked with figuring out if there's any voting irregularities, if there's any fraud, put out a striking statement. In part, it read, the November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised. Toluse, this should be a proud moment in U.S. History. This should be a moment of national pride. But President Trump is stealing that moment of national pride for us, that we did something so well, because he's tainting it. Your thoughts? 

TOLUSE OLORUNNIPA [CNN Political Analyst]: Yeah, tens of thousands of Americans worked incredibly hard to make this election free and fair in the middle of a pandemic. The biggest challenge for election officials and generations. And they rose to the task, all the way from the national level, including our national security officials, who had to fight against foreign interference and foreign attempts to intervene and change the votes of Americans. They worked hard. Local election officials worked hard to put this election together. People who were just volunteers working at polls and people who counted those votes late into the dead of the night. They were working very hard. And what we did have was a free and fair election. The only problem is that we have a President who decides that because he lost the election, he wants to cast doubt on the entire process. He thinks that in states that he won, everything was fine, but in states where he lost, there was obvious fraud. And you have to question why the President would do that, other than the fact that he cannot stomach the idea he's going to be a one-term President and be put down in history as a loser, to a certain extent, something that he has fought against for the better part of his time on Earth. So, t's clear that the President is being reputeduated in this statement, which says that all of his claims about voter fraud have no basis. He's been going to court. He's not been able to prove any of his charges. It's been over a week, and there's no evidence to back up what the President is saying. And it's clear that this was a free and fair election and unfortunately for him, he lost. 

JOHN BERMAN: He was being repudiated by an office in the federal government, of which he is at the top of. It's his own people who are saying to the world that the President is wrong. And Chris Krebs, Reuters is reporting that he expects to be fired now for speaking the truth. And he's going way out of his way to repudiate the President. He's retweeting statements like this, please don't retweet wild and baseless claims about voting machines, even if they're made by the President! These theories have been debunked many times, including by DHS. Susan, you’ve been looking into what’s been going on with the President, making calls all over D.C. making calls to the smartest people about what he's doing. Whether this is a coup, as you say, or a con. Survey says? 

SUSAN GLASSER [CNN Global Affairs Analyst]: Well, modestly reassuringly, I would say, more con than coup, but terrible, terrible for our democracy. That's the bottom line, John. Look, Trump has set up this situation, where truth is somehow an act of opposition to the President, whether coming from his own government or Republican party officials, who so far have been terrified of acknowledging the reality. Privately, they're doing so. And not -- to me, one of the most difficult things we've seen, right, we've literally had a situation where they're acting as though they’re in official opposition, the election results, but privately reassuring journalists like me and others, no, no, no, don't worry, it's fine, we're just giving him time. I think it's one of the most reckless weeks in a reckless presidency. 

CAMEROTA: I mean, as the pandemic, as John says, stampedes across this country. As the metaphor that we've been using this week is that jumbo jets of Americans, three to four jumbo jets a day are falling out of the sky and killing Americans. If we saw it that way, it would be more dramatic than, I guess we've gotten used to people dying alone in ICUs. And the President is MIA, we haven't heard from him. Are your sourcing telling you that the next time we hear from him that it will be with a declaration of a 2024 Presidential run? 

OLORUNNIPA: The President is thinking about his political future and he's looking at potential run in four years. He is not likely to actually concede defeat. He's more likely to obviously leave the White House by January 20th. But to leave in a huff and vowing to get revenge on all of the enemies that he thinks has been conspiring against him since he took office. He’s being going against the deep state; he’s been attacking the media. He says that big tech and big money are against him. He has all of the grievances that he needs to build up a four-year campaign of vengeance and trying to run again in four years. Now, we do know President is already 74 years old. If he were to run again in four years, he would be pushing 80. He would be trying to become the oldest President in history, even older than Joe Biden. So there are questions about whether his health would allow him to run again, but I wouldn't be surprised if we did hear the President, rather than giving a concession, gave a defiant campaign announcement saying that he was going to run if four years, even though he sees himself leaving the White House in matter of months. 

CAMEROTA: Toluse, Susan, thank you both very much for all of your reporting.