June 6th, 2024 11:44 PM

Not even a day as solemn as D-Day, wherein we commemorate not just the liberation of Europe but the rescue of Western civilization from Hitler’s evil grasp, is safe from ABC’s relentlessly sycophantic coverage of President Joe Biden. Tonight’s interview was more of the same.

Watch as World News Tonight anchor David Muir leads Biden into the left’s standard defense of the verdict handed down by the jury in the Trump business records trial in New York:

DAVID MUIR: You did address Donald Trump and the guilty verdicts on 34 felony counts before the American people. You told Americans to respect the jury and the outcome of this case. You were at a campaign fund-raiser and you told the room, "a convicted felon is now seeking the office of a presidency." You called it disturbing. What do you think the American people should make of this? How important do you think this conviction should be in this race for president?

JOE BIDEN: That's for the public to decide. But one thing for certain is- stop undermining the rule of law. Stop undermining the institutions. That's what this whole effort is. All the MAGA Republicans are coming out, saying, "This was a fix. This was a jury that -- this was a judge that set up to get Trump." There's no evidence of any of that. None. He's trying to undermine it. Look, he got a fair trial. The jury spoke- like they speak in all cases. And it should be respected.

I don’t know what else Biden is supposed to say here except the “stop undermining” stuff. Anything else would be tantamount to looking gift election interference in the mouth. Reasonable people may conclude that what undermined the institutions and rule of law is the conviction of the president’s main political opposition on a statute-limited misdemeanor Frankensteined into a felony. But it was Muir who walked him right into that talking point set piece.

The rest of the interview was just as bad. On immigration, Muir gave Biden wide berth to pontificate on executive action.

Then there’s the upcoming presidential debate. Muir uses D-Day as a means with which to promote the debate:

There were also spoon-fed questions on Israel’s war against Gaza, as well as Ukraine. Nothing tough or adversarial. This was an access piece that was immediately followed by a stroll with the Bidens along the American Cemetery at Normandy.

This interview, highly questionable by virtue of Biden and staff agreeing to it in the first place, could’ve easily been held back in the United States; The White House, even. To do it on the 80th anniversary of D-Day grossly disrespects those who came ashore on that fateful day, and especially, the memories of those who didn’t make it back. Another desecration of this day.