OF COURSE: ABC News Cheers Biden’s Latest Student Loan Bailout

February 22nd, 2024 12:27 AM

Among the evening network newscasts, ABC News continues its unparalleled run as the most stridently and shamelessly pro-Biden. Tonight’s report on the latest student loan handout might as well have come from the White House’s comms shop.

Watch the report in its entirety as aired on ABC World News Tonight on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024:

DAVID MUIR: The other major headline of the White House today involves the president canceling $1.2 billion in student loan debt, more than 150,000 student borrowers. This was a campaign promise, of course, and he continues to push forward on this.

MARY BRUCE: He does, David. And starting today, 153,000 student borrowers will be receiving an email from President Biden, telling them that their student loans are being forgiven- wiping out $1.2 billion in loans. Now, to qualify, you must be enrolled in the president's signature repayment plan, and have a low original balance, less than $12,000. And have been making payments for at least ten years. Now, this is a far cry from what the president initially promised, but after the Supreme Court struck down his initial plan last year, the president is well aware that voters and Americans are feeling frustrated and he wants to show that he is still trying to fulfill this pledge, David. 

David: All right, Mary Bruce with us tonight as well on the breaking headlines. Mary, thank you. 

Seriously, this might as well have come from the White House’s comms shop, or even Obamabro podcast colloquy. 

David Muir might as well have kicked over to Mary Bruce, known around these parts as the Biden administration’s chief apple polisher, by saying “Mission Accomplished”, or “Promise Kept”. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if portions of this report end up making it into a Biden campaign ad. It’s that egregious. 

“He continues to push forward on this”, says Muir. Bruce concurs with this laughably transparent framing of Biden as a strong executive. Then, after Bruce recites some of the terms and conditions of this latest bailout, she moves to reassure the base that the president is “still trying to fulfill this pledge”, despite being struck down by the mean old Supreme Court.

Above all else is the instinct to Protect The Precious against attacks from conservatives. What we’ve just witnessed is sheer pro-administration propaganda disguised, not even cleverly or discreetly, as news.