Media Provide Little Coverage to Medal of Honor Awardees

Update:  The media finally wakes up and starts covering this.  I wonder how much Newsbusters had to do with that.

Click here to see video honoring Michael Monsoor and a roundup of blog reactions to the posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony. Many in the blogosphere paid their respects to a true hero, but the media were unsurprisingly absent.

Via Blackfive:

Google News shows that no one, other than local news in San Diego, is covering the awarding of the Medal of Honor to US Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor.

This is quite evident of the MSM's bias. I don't know how you can argue in favor of them today. This story is one that should be told across the nation.

I wasn't going to blog about this today or even post the New York Times and AP's embarrassing report on US Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor. The New York Times printed 78 words about the pending MOH for Mike Monsoor and had to correct the story. Three sentences for a man like Mike...

I checked my frustration because I hoped that they might print something today about the Navy SEAL who sacrificed himself to save his teammates. I thought, maybe, it would make for a nice front page story this morning.

"The Paper of Record" did not print one word.

Read the entire post at Blackfive where you will find contact information for the NY Times and what you can do about this.

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