What If McCain Had Attended Westboro Baptist?

March 14th, 2008 5:26 PM

Update: Obama finally comes out with strong repudiation. Is it enough? He will also be interviewed on FOX tonight.

Now, everyone has heard Obama's pastor of 20 years preach his racist message of America hate, and Obama has come out with his very weak response. We have also saw the study on how the network media failed in its coverage.

Sometimes we instinctively know the truth. Sometimes it is easy to demonstrate this with a hypothetical question that has an obvious answer.

So, I am asking this simple hypothetical question:

How differently would the media react if John McCain had attended the Westboro Baptist Hate Cult for 20 years, and when asked about it only gave the mild response that he didn't agree with everything they taught? I think we all know that he would be crucified by the media and probably pushed to drop out of the race by the next day.