Bloggers Get BBC To Correct Children’s Guide To 9/11

I need to update everyone on the power of blogs. If it were not for blogs like NewsBusters, that reported this earlier, and our readers exposing media bias, British children would still be learning a rewritten version of history. The BBC has taken down the original quoted page that implied 911 was America’s fault. It is rare that media outlets are so prompt in their self corrections. I am sure that blogs and blog readers were a huge part of making that happen. After all, the earlier reported quote had been there since 2001. Nothing mentioning the correction was posted, but a much more acceptable narrative of facts has replaced it.

One reader reports their email to the BBC and the response.

Dear Mr O’Connell

Thank you for your email to Newsround. The article you are referring to
is an old guide that we thought had been purged from our system.
It is my understanding that it was written on the day of the attacks
back in 2001. I agree that it is inappropriate and it is now being taken
off the site.

In addition to this, I have asked staff to do a thorough search to
ensure the guides that remain online are accurate and objective.

I am genuinely sorry that this article has appeared and that it has
caused offence,

Best wishes,

Sinead Rocks
Newsround Editor

Hooray for fact checking blogs and outraged readers taking action. Pat yourselves on the back.

9/11 BBC

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