Crazy Fareed Zakaria Explains the Secret to Our COVID Failure: Too Small Government!

October 9th, 2020 6:58 PM

Hawking his new book, liberal CNN host and plagiarist Fareed Zakaria appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday morning to share his opinions about the coronavirus, but what he had to say was so insane that it was almost impossible to comprehend.Fareed Zakaria

Co-host Joe Scarborough, presumably unaware that he would receive only nonsense for a response, began the conversation: “Good, so tell us, Fareed, what are some of the most important lessons that we are learning from COVID, and how is it going to shape our world moving forward?”

 Zakaria explained:

[I]t’s very useful to think, to understand our response to COVID by putting it in comparative perspective. So, Trump says it’s all about China, but look at a place like Taiwan. Taiwan has- is right next to China, gets millions of tourists from China every year, had its first COVID cases before the United States. Taiwan, with a population of 22 million, has had seven COVID deaths.

Wow. The small island country sure sounds nice, but what was their secret for success that led to them only having seven COVID deaths? Zakaria didn’t share anything about what Taiwan did right. But he did start spewing his hate for American values:

To put it very bluntly, the problem is not China. The problem is Donald Trump. But it goes beyond Trump, because for four decades now, we have had an attitude towards the federal government that said, as Ronald Reagan famously said, government is not the solution. It is the problem. Grover Norquist says my goal is to get the federal government so small that I can take it into my bathtub, drown it. Steve Bannon says I want to deconstruct the administrative state. Well, guess what? If your mission is to destroy, deconstruct, and drown the federal government, it’s not going to perform so well during a pandemic.

Well, there you have it. Zakaria’s mind-boggling explanation reveals that it’s not just Donald Trump who has set us up for failure. Rather, it’s been American conservatism and disdain for massive government that have caused millions of Americans to contract the Chinese virus (which apparently has little to do with China), and the memory of Reagan has killed over 200,000 of them. He finished with a strange conclusion: “And that’s one of my lessons, is it’s not the quantity of government you have but the quality of government you have, and the quality of American government has been shown in this pandemic to be very bad.

Zakaria’s answer left viewers to wonder whether he was fully awake when he appeared on the show, since his answer to Scarborough was strangely incoherent. His bizarre, irrelevant spiel about conservatism was probably an attempt to sound smart, but apparently he wasn’t smart enough to explain Taiwan’s success.

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Read the transcript below:

Morning Joe


8:28:00 AM

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Good, so tell us, Fareed, what are some of the most important lessons that we are learning from COVID, and how is it going to shape our world moving forward? 

FAREED ZAKARIA [AUTHOR/CNN HOST]: Well, I think one of the most central ones relating to what we were just -- you were just talking about with Trump is it's very useful to think, to understand our response to COVID by putting it in comparative perspective. So, Trump says it's all about China, but look at a place like Taiwan. Taiwan is right next to China, gets millions of tourists from China every year, had its first COVID cases before the United States. Taiwan with a population of 22 million has had seven COVID deaths. New York State by comparison has had 35, 34,000, right? The problem has not been China or, you know, where the virus came from. The problem has been our inept response. To put it very bluntly, the problem is not China. The problem is Donald Trump. But it goes beyond Trump, because for four decades now, we have had an attitude towards the Federal government that said as Ronald Reagan famously said, government is not the solution. It is the problem. Grover Norquist says my goal is to get the Federal government so small that I can take it into my bathtub and drown it. Steve Bannon says I want to deconstruct the administrative state. Well guess what, if your mission is to destroy, deconstruct, and drown the Federal government it's not going to perform so well during a pandemic. And that's one of my lessons, is it's not quantity of government you have, but the quality of government you have, and the quality of American government has been shown in this pandemic to be very bad.