‘Inception’ Stars Trash Evil, Stupid Cheney, Palin, Preach Hypocritical Environmentalism

One of the big stories in filmdom today is about all the concerns surrounding the marketing of Christopher Nolan’s new film “Inception,” which cost a reported $160 million to produce and hits theatres next Friday, July 16th. According to Reuters, awareness isn’t as high as the studio would like, especially in Middle America.

Well, here’s one way to entice Middle America into your film, insult them by having your three main stars hit the promotional circuit and savage Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin as stupid and evil (video below the jump).

QUIZ: What makes you most want to see “Inception” now?

1. Ellen Page’s insufferably cruel sanctimony?

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s pathetic, butt-boy me-toosim?

3. Leonardo DiCaprio’s wild hypocrisy?

Actually, “wild hypocrisy” is an understatement….

The same Leo you see in that video belly-aching with so much touching concern over Mother Earth, just happens to be the very same elitist whose PRIVATE jet-setting helped cause the chaos that cost hundreds of World Cup fans — who had spent upwards of $1300 for tickets — the ability to attend the game. Found buried yesterday in the sometimes useful L.A. Times:

The congestion on the ground, caused in part by earlier bad weather on Wednesday and in part by the arrival of large numbers of private aircraft, led to what one British Airways pilot described as “absolute chaos.”

According to a report in Britain’s Financial Times, “Some of the fans had spent upward of $1,300 for semifinals tickets but were stuck in Johannesburg while private jets carrying Spain’s King Juan Carlos, South African President Jacob Zuma, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and socialite Paris Hilton landed.”

Keep in mind that Leo isn’t just any hypocritical Hollywood environmentalist, he is the hypocritical Hollywood environmentalist. If you recall his film “The 11th Hour”:

Had Leo simply practiced what he preached and flown commerical, maybe things would’ve been a little less chaotic and a few more of those folks wouldn’t have wasted their hard-earned money. But they’re just the great unwashed and Leo is the The Great Movie Star Who Commands From Above, so… whatever.

Leo may want to get in the head of BP’s CEO, but I’d like to get in Leo’s head and understand why someone who believes the planet is in peril would commit an act of genocide against the entire human race by flying around in private jets.

My vote, however, goes to Ellen Page, who just went from the lovable and spunky Juno to a shorter, joyless, less-likable version of Rachel Maddow.

How sheltered of a self-involved little bubble does one have to live in to think speaking the term “holistic intelligence” out loud doesn’t automatically qualify you for the All-Time Top Five Moments Of Hollywood Assholery. Page actually considers herself a feminist and yet here she is trashing the compassion and questioning the intelligence of a self-made Governor raising a special-needs child as her oldest son serves in Iraq.

What’s young Page’s claim to intelligence and compassion fame. Oh, that’s right, she’s a celebrity.

Man, I wish I’d never seen this video. I love Christopher Nolan and have been dying to see “Inception.” But goodwill matters and this Terrible Trio of Tactlessness just dropped the needle on that meter way below the half-way point.

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