On Time Magazine’s Top 10 List: Angie Jackson, Live-Tweeting Abortion Mom

The mother who live tweeted her abortion earlier this year, Angie Jackson, has had her 15 minutes of fame extended, making #6 on Time Magazine's Top 10 Tweets for 2010.

Seems to me Time used the most unflattering screen shot of Jackson it could find from her announcement video, and it also painted an unpleasant portrait of her overall. Read Time's blurb on Jackson after the jump....


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Corrections to Time's story. It was untrue that Jackson's "birth control failed." In actuality, she wasn't using any, as she wrote:

In fact, Jackson used abortion for birth control. And the only "consult with doctors" she had was with an abortion mill salesperson counselor, after having decided the day she learned she was pregnant to abort the "parasite." Jackson's escapade was also dangerous, as Holly Patterson's father explained to Jackson in an open letter. Holly died in 2003 at age 18 from sepsis following an RU486 abortion.

There is also the lingering mystery of NextThurs, the copycat who began live-tweeting her abortion after being inspired by Jackson but suddenly stopped after writing she had been "bleeding like a stuffed pig all day." I worry about her and her baby to this day.

Jackson has moved on, leaving her boyfriend in Florida, in part because he didn't want children - no joke...

Angie and her young son are now shacking up with a new boyfriend in Denver.

In happy contrast, The Daily Mail recently posted a cute story about a mother who live-tweeted her labor and delivery.

I calculate Angie's baby would have been born around November 8.

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