Pro-Lifers to Sue Jimmy Kimmel

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Read backstories here and here. Click photo to enlarge.

My July 2 post ended with:

I asked whether there was going to be a lawsuit for the June 25 attempt to light-fry Ryan Bueler and was told he hadn't decided whether or not to file. I hope he does. Stay tuned.
Today I heard word that Bueler and perhaps one other are indeed planning to sue:
We will cast a broad net, suing crew members individually; security guards; retired officers posing as active duty and off-duty cops acting as if they were on duty to thwart our attempts to get the assault to stop; the company that hired the camera crew, which may be different than Kimmel; and yes, Kimmel.
Re: those retired and off-duty policemen, allegedly there were a number of them dressed in uniform for Jimmy Kimmel's stunt shoot who posed as on-duty cops to the pro-life activists when the skirmish began, and apparently they were all caught on video. If true, this would be bad, very bad for their side. In fact, I'm told video of the posers will be made available over the weekend. Again, stay tuned.
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