Pro-Life Activists Disrupt Jimmy Kimmel Show Taping

Read backstory here. Huffington Post and FishbowlLA have also now picked up on this.

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I ended my post yesterday with the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust staging a protest in front of comedian Jimmy Kimmel's home yesterday morning.

They followed that with a protest at Kimmel's studio on Hollywood Blvd in LA yesterday afternoon.

I should mention the Survivors have been holding their annual pro-life boot camp since June 21 (ended today), so these protests have all numbered nearly 100 kids.

So while the Survivors were protesting late yesterday afternoon there was an announcement that free tickets were still available for last night's Kimmel show taping, which was incidentally outdoors.

Four Survivors each snagged one. They decided to disperse themselves throughout the audience, wait 20 minutes after taping had commenced, and then begin raising a ruckus, imploring Kimmel to stand up for free speech and condemn the actions of his lighting crew....

Meanwhile, here was the scene outside the studio, on the other side of the fence...

Back inside, just as guest Dakota Fanning settled in for her interview, the 4 Survivors began shouting for Kimmel to stop letting his people silence their message.

"Everything stopped," reported my source. Kimmel and Fanning stopped talking and peered out into the audience to see what was going on. The police quickly escorted the 4 out, and since taping was on delay, the scene was edited out. Here is video I received of the incident. Most of the action takes place between :33-1:40...

Kimmel producers followed the police and kids out and tried to negotiate with them, 2 of whom were underage. They said that if the Survivors would stop "coming after Jimmy," they wouldn't prosecute.

The Survivors responded that if the 4 weren't immediately released, the group would show up en masse at Kimmel's house the following morning (this morning) at 7a.

Kimmel's producers said the lighting people were not part of their team; the company was hired just for the day on June 25. Producers promised not to hire the company again.

Within 30 minutes the 4 Survivors were released.

So that's where this stands. I asked whether there was going to be a lawsuit for the June 25 attempt to light-fry Ryan Bueler and was told he hadn't decided whether or not to file. I hope he does. Stay tuned.

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