Day 2 of MSNBC’s Blackout on Libya

It appears as though MSNBC has gone into overdrive covering up for the Obama administration over the terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya.  Following emails uncovered by CBS News late Tuesday evening showing the White House knew within two hours that the attack was terrorist related, MSNBC has run a grand total of two stories on these shocking developments. 

Unlike yesterday, NBC's Today did provide a news brief on the emails Thursday morning as well as a story during Wednesday night’s Nightly News, but their sister cable network MSNBC has only covered the story once today, on The Daily Rundown at 9:00 a.m. Eastern.

In fact, MSNBC ran three stories yesterday accusing Sarah Palin of using a dog-whistle racist attack when she used the phrase “shuck and jive” to refer to President Obama's cover-up of the fiasco in Libya.  Apparently, slamming Sarah Palin for language that MSNBC’s own Chris Matthews has used in the past is more important than new details showing the Obama White House knew our Libyan consulate was the victim of a terrorist attack within two hours of the events.    

Rather than cover a major development in foreign policy, MSNBC has instead devoted more than 20 segments in two days to the overblown controversy surrounding comments made by Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (R-Ind.) showing his support for pro-life values. 

Such blatant disregard of the newsworthiness of a major foreign policy disaster by the Obama White House less than two weeks before Election Day is strongly suggestive of a deliberate attempt by the Obama-boosting network to soften the damage to the president’s reelection chances. 

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