Liberal Media Blanket Country With Virus Untruths

April 4th, 2020 4:00 PM

So let’s take a look at just what the Leftist State Media has been dishing during the coronavirus crisis.

From Vox on January 31st: “Is this [coronavirus] going to be a deadly pandemic? No.”

From The Washington Post on February 3rd: “Why we should be wary of an aggressive government response to coronavirus. Harsh measures tend to scapegoat already marginalized populations.”

The essence? The China travel ban is racist.

From The New York Times on February 5th: “Who Says It’s Not Safe to Travel to China? The coronavirus travel ban is unjust and doesn’t work anyway.” Yes indeed, this is The Times version of “the travel ban is racist.”

From CNN on February 7th: “The US coronavirus travel ban could backfire. Here's how.”

From CNN on February 21st: “What's spreading faster than coronavirus in the US? Racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians.”

From NBC/Bay Area on February 24th: “Nancy Pelosi Visits San Francisco’s Chinatown Amid Coronavirus Concerns.”

The story begins:

"Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi toured San Francisco's Chinatown Monday to send a message. She said there's no reason tourists or locals should be staying away from the area because of coronavirus concerns.

‘That’s what we’re trying to do today is to say everything is fine here,’ Pelosi said. ‘Come because precautions have been taken. The city is on top of the situation.’”

In other words? Pelosi’s message was….don’t worry - be happy! Come out and party! (And if you don’t you’re a racist.)

From Politico on February 28th: “Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a ‘hoax.’”

As correctly noted here by The Daily Caller: “Trump actually described Democratic complaints about his handling of the virus threat as ‘their new hoax.’”

From CNN on March 20th: “Trump peddles unsubstantiated hope in dark times.”

This story by Stephen Collinson says:

“(CNN)To fight the coronavirus, President Donald Trump is adopting the audacity of false hope.

For the past two days, Trump has said he is dispensing "game changer" breakthroughs on treatments and a wartime-style effort to mass produce medical supplies that appear as rays of light amid America's darkening battle against the coronavirus pandemic.”

And now? After accusing Trump of peddling “unsubstansiated hope” - which is to say the potential use of hydroxychloroquine?

Fox News headlines this: “After mocking Trump for promoting hydroxychloroquine, journalists acknowledge it might treat coronavirus.”

The story begins:

“After repeatedly mocking President Trump for suggesting on March 19 that hydroxychloroquine could be an effective treatment for coronavirus, media organizations have begun acknowledging that the drug -- now approved for emergency use to treat coronavirus by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -- may be useful after all.”

As Lyndsey Fifield of The Heritage Foundation has documented, one liberal media outlet after another in addition to those listed above have let their hatred for the President to so obsess their coverage over the last three months that time after time after time they were peddling misinformation, disinformation and all too frequently flat out untruths.

All of this - and oh such much more - has, as noted in this space from time to time, (as here) wound up doing nothing more than repeatedly damaging the credibility of all the news outlets who have indulged their Trump-hatred by playing the disinformation/misinformation game.

The amazing thing is that the liberal media doubtless has no intention of changing their behavior. They would, as it were, rather go down with all anti-Trump flags flying.

And remarkably, courtesy of this global pandemic, they may.