The Liberal Media: Sins of Omission on Political Violence

Rudy Peters. A  California Republican congressional candidate is just the latest example of the media’s dreadful problem with bias by omission. 

Mr. Peters is the Republican candidate for Congress from California’s 15th Congressional District. The other day, while at a campaign table at the Castro Valley Fall Festival a man later identified as 35-year old Farzad Fazeli approached Parker and began berating him, yelling about the Republican Party and President Trump. In short order, Fazeli produced a switchblade knife and yelled “I’m gonna kill you, motherf—er!” There was a tussle and fortunately the blade did not switch out. Fazeli took off but was later arrested.

Now see this story from NewsBusters: “Nets Ignore 'Switchblade' Attack Against GOPer Running in California.”  

The story reads in part: 

“Republican Congressional candidate Rudy Peters, who’s running against Democratic incumbent Eric Swalwell in California, was attacked by an assailant wielding a ‘switchblade’ while campaigning at the Castro Valley Falls Festival on Sunday. The news of the attack reached national attention Tuesday afternoon yet none of the major network broadcasters (ABC, CBS, and NBC) thought it was worth mentioning.”

Over at the Daily Caller was this headline: “CNN Ignores Switchblade Attack on GOP Congressional Candidate

The story reads in part: 

“More than 24 hours after authorities announced the arrest of a California man who allegedly tried to stab a Republican congressional candidate, CNN has yet to inform its audience of the story.

…The sheriff’s office arrested Fazeli on Tuesday and announced it to the public that afternoon. 

But by Wednesday evening, CNN had published zero articles on the attempted stabbing. A Daily Caller News Foundation review of CNN’s on-air coverage Tuesday and Wednesday found zero segments informing viewers of the attack.”

And on Fox? No less than Laura Ingraham devoted an entire one hour show of The Ingraham Angle to the subject of the violence coming from the Left.

Full disclosure, I was a guest participating in the discussion: 



The show’s opener paired Rudy Peters with Congressman Steve Scalise, the GOP’s House Majority Whip who was almost shot to death by a far-left gun toting angry leftist. For a full hour the subject of the Left and its addiction to violence and hate were analyzed and discussed with a variety of guests. This was a discussion that, as both the NewsBusters and Daily Caller reports indicate, not only never occurred elsewhere. The news of the Peters attack all by itself with no discussion attached never even made it to these aforementioned “mainstream” outlets.

Let’s be clear. The lack of coverage of the stabbing assault on Republican congressional candidate Rudy Peters is all about one thing.

When it comes to stories that inconvenience the liberal media narrative there is, to borrow from the New York Times, some news not fit to print - or broadcast.

Call it the liberal media’s sin of omission. Which is, as Laura Ingraham and Fox vividly illustrated this past week, but one reason for the creation - and the success - of conservative media.

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