CNN Plays the Race Card With Mollie Tibbetts Murder

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Here is the headline from NewsBusters' Brad Wilmouth. “CNN's Cuomo: Trump, Fox Concerned With Tibbetts Because She's White.” 

The story begins thusly:

“On Wednesday's Cuomo Prime Time, Chris Cuomo closed his show with a commentary in which he slammed President Donald Trump, conservatives, and apparently Fox News for showing so much interest in the murder of Mollie Tibbetts by an illegal immigrant.

The liberal CNN host suggested that they would not have been interested in the case if Tibbetts were not white: "I wonder if these sympathizers would be as full-throated about these tragedies if the killers were white citizens, if the victims were not young, white women.”

Say what?

Aside from the astonishing, if typical, liberal line of obsessively playing the race card (as I pointed out a time or three on CNN the Democrats still have not gotten around to apologizing for their support of slavery - their original obsession with race), it seems Chris has forgotten Jamiel Shaw.

Jamiel, a promising young teen athlete in Los Angeles and an African-American, was shot to death by an illegal immigrant in 2008. An illegal who had not been deported by ICE. Jamiel’s Dad, Jamiel Sr., became a staunch supporter of Donald Trump because of Trump’s stand on illegal immigration. Trump made a point of highlighting Jamiel’s story during the campaign. During his first address to Congress, the new president made a point of having Jamiel Shaw Sr. in the gallery with the First Lady.

After recognizing Mr. Shaw by name in his speech, the President went on to say:

“Jamiel's 17-year-old son was viciously murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member, who had just been released from prison. 

Jamiel Shaw Jr. was an incredible young man with unlimited potential, who was getting ready to go to college, where he would have excelled as a great college quarterback. But he never got the chance. His father, who is in the audience tonight, has become a very good friend of mine. Jamiel, thank you. Thank you.”

The hard fact of the matter is that like young Jamiel Shaw, young Mollie Tibbetts was murdered by an illegal immigrant who should never have been here in the first place. As a relative of Ms. Tibbetts has said, “evil comes in all colors.” Of course it does.

As Brad Wilmouth also pointed out, “….In fact, over the past year, President Trump and Fox News have highlighted several examples of minorities who were murdered by illegal immigrants.”

And so they have. On another occasion Trump brought two sets of parents to a State of the Union address. Both were African-American and both had daughters, Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens, murdered by an MS-13 gang.

In other words? What Chris Cuomo said the other night is just not factually correct. It is 100% “fake news.” Perhaps even more interesting? What is Chris not discussing?

Let’s check in with noted gang expert Tony Rafael of Los Angeles, the author of The Mexican Mafia. Rafael is Hispanic himself, and knows his subject. Among other things, he says of Hispanic gangs that “they don't want their neighborhoods infested with blacks, as if it's an infestation….It's pure racial animosity that manifests itself in a policy of a major criminal organization.”  Former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Michael Camacho agrees, saying of the Hispanic gangs “There's absolutely no motive absent the color of their skin.”

And, yes indeed, no less than CNN has discussed this situation that Chris ignored. Back in 2007 the subject of Latinos in gangs murdering African Americans was in a report on a show hosted by Paula Zahn. The specific subject was the murder of, yes, a fourteen year old African American girl named Cheryl Green. And the report emphasized the problem was “Latino gang members (who) hate blacks.”

It isn’t that President Trump or Fox News are making a big deal of Mollie Tibbetts death because she is white. That is flatly untrue. It is “fake news.”

Just ask the parents of Jamiel Shaw. 

Will there be a correction from CNN? Probably not. And therein lies the real problem of “fake news.”

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