CNN's Cuomo: Trump, Fox Concerned With Tibbetts Because She's White

August 23rd, 2018 3:04 PM

On Wednesday's Cuomo Prime Time, Chris Cuomo closed his show with a commentary in which he slammed President Donald Trump, conservatives, and apparently Fox News for showing so much interest in the murder of Mollie Tibbetts by an illegal immigrant.

The liberal CNN host suggested that they would not have been interested in the case if Tibbetts were not white: "I wonder if these sympathizers would be as full-throated about these tragedies if the killers were white citizens, if the victims were not young, white women."

But, in fact, over the past year, President Trump and Fox News have highlighted several examples of minorities who were murdered by illegal immigrants.

Cuomo began by citing statistics which report that over 17,000 people were murdered in the U.S. in 2016, and noted that "you don't see them adopted by the right as targets of national attention except when the killer is what they like to call an illegal alien or something worse."

He then referred to Kate Steinle and Tibbetts as examples of murder victims by illegal immigrants highlighted by conservatives.

Cuomo brought up race for the first time as he conceded that some Americans are killed by what he called "illegal entrants" as he noted that some victims "are not young white women." As if someone on the right had claimed only whites are killed.

He soon dubiously claimed that "illegal entrants" are less likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens as he recalled that "the data shows that they are less" likely to harm people. 

The liberal host soon tied in race more directly as he ignored recent history and suggested that conservatives do not show interest in cases of minorities being killed by illegal immigrants. Cuomo: "I wonder if these sympathizers would be as full-throated about these tragedies if the killers were white citizens, if the victims were not young, white women."

He then showed a clip of President Trump speaking out on the Tibbetts murder and fretted over the President noting that she is "permanently separated" from her parents as the CNN host accused Trump of treating illegal immigrant children like "dogs." As he concluded, he seemed to make a reference to Fox News as he brought up the Seth Rich story and complained about conservative media being reluctant to cover stories about police violence.

Of course, his own network has a history of showing a double standard in their coverage of police violence cases as those involving black suspects being killed get much more attention than those in which white suspects are killed -- even though twice as many white suspects are, in fact, killed by police in a typical year.

Additionally, CNN shows more interest in police officers being criticized for killing suspects, but not so much for cops being attacked and killed on the job.

Cuomo also seemed oblivious to the fact that, in this year's State of the Union speech, President Trump invited two sets of parents to receive special recognition because their teenage daughters -- Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens -- were murdered by MS-13 gang members. President Trump also tweeted out a response earlier this year when NFL player Edwin Jackson was killed in a car crash by a twice-deported illegal immigrant who was driving intoxicated.

A number of Fox News Channel shows covered both these cases, and also the story of a 17-year-old Muslim girl -- Nabra Hassanen --  who was last year beaten to death by an MS-13 gang member and illegal immigrant in Northern Virginia.

Additionally, in spite of all the attacks he receives from the media over his response to the Central Park jogger attack from 1989 -- as liberal journalists suggest that he was motivated by racism because the suspects were minorities while the victim was white -- Trump at the time also brought attention to the case of a Jamaican immigrant who was attacked and thrown from a building, as he offered to pay for her medical expenses.