'Countdown' Goes Drag to Rip Sarah Palin

Stay classy, MSNBC. 

On the day after the Republican Party showed gains in a few statewide elections and with key health care and cap-and-trade legislation pending, MSNBC went back to the well to do what it does best - attack the character of one of the network's favorite targets, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

On the Nov. 4 broadcast of MSNBC's "Countdown," with fill-in host Lawrence O'Donnell substituting for Keith Olbermann (still MIA since New Jersey gubernatorial race went Republican), Michael Musto, gay columnist for The Village Voice and author of "La Dolce Musto" dressed up as Palin and reenacted two phony speeches. The occasion: A few media outlets had obtained "leaked" portions of two possible speeches Palin would have given on Election Night 2008 in the event of a McCain/Palin victory and a defeat.

"I wish Barack Obama well as the 44th president of the United States," Musto said. "If he governs America with the skill and grace we have often seen in him and the greatness of which he is capable, we're going to be just fine. It would be a happier night if elections were a test of valor and merit alone, but that is not for us to question now. I told my husband Todd to look at the upside. Now, at least, he can clear his schedule and get ready for championship title number five in the Iron Dog Snow Machine Race."

The version of the victory speech "Countdown" viewers were treated to involved Musto mocking the former governor's marriage to Todd Palin.

"It's been just 68 days since that afternoon in Dayton, Ohio, when Sen. McCain introduced me as his running mate," Musto said. "He is truly the maverick. He took a chance on me. Along the way in this campaign, it was Todd, as always, who helped with the children, gave me advice and kept me strong. There are a lot of men in this world who could learn a few things from Todd Palin."

"And I am so lucky that he is still my guy," Musto continued. "And I said to my husband, Todd, that it's not a step down when he's no longer Alaska's first dude. He will now be the first guy ever to become the second dude. Had it gone the other way tonight, we would not have returned in sorrow to the great state of Alaska. We would have carried with us memories that are forever and joyful, experiences that do not depend on victory."

Musto is the show's go-to guy when it comes to tacky attempts to belittle Palin. Back in September 2009, Musto took a shot at Palin's special needs child to criticize the former Alaska governor.

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