'Wonder Woman' Joins the Glenn Beck Bashing on 'The Joy Behar Show'

Perhaps having a slot on Glenn Beck's former network wasn't enough for the newly minted host of CNN Headline News "The Joy Behar Show." Instead, she obviously finds bashing Beck is the way to reach her audience. 

For the fourth time in the 11 broadcasts of her show Behar, also a co-host of ABC's "The View," dedicated a portion of her Oct. 13 show to discussing Fox News host Glenn Beck. The segment included actress Lynda Carter, best known for her role as Wonder Woman on television, and who had once accused the "the right-wing of spreading hate." Leslie Sanchez, CNN political contributor and Republican strategist, joined them to play the role of Beck defender:

Behar: You know, I mean, what is up with Glenn Beck?
Carter: It's stunning.
Behar: And really, can you explain him? You're not in his camp, Leslie, I realize that. But what exactly is he up to?
Sanchez: You know, I think he raises a lot of important issues. He talks about...
Carter: Are you serious?
Sanchez: Yes. You know he does. Even if you listen to his radio show years ago, he investigated what the government was doing.

On Behar's previous shows, she had singer and actress Bette Midler and HBO's Bill Maher dishing out shots at the Fox News host. This time it took a little prodding from Behar.

Carter: He calls himself an entertainer.
Sanchez: I don't think...
Behar: I think he calls himself a rodeo clown.
Carter: No, he calls himself an entertainer.
Behar: Rodeo clowns are funny. I have to take that away from him. Sorry. They're very amusing.
Sanchez: I think he's a likable person. He's a good person.

While several on the left have no problem with some of the baseless accusations hurled at Rush Limbaugh over racism in his bid to acquire an ownership stake in the St. Louis Rams, Carter and Behar played up accusations that Beck is racist, which has resulted in some advertisers leaving the Beck program.

Carter: Do you think he's - a person like him is good for the country? The fear, the loathing, the racism; the absolute inane accusations, making Yom Kippur a Republican holiday?
Behar: Well, calling Obama a racist was really over the edge. That was ridiculous.
Sanchez: There's a lot of things we're going to agree.
But perhaps the most evident example of Carter's low regard for Beck was when she questioned the salary of the highly popular commentator and author with multiple best-selling books.
Carter: How do you defend - how do you justify paying him big salaries and I don't get it. I really don't.
Sanchez: I don't pay him - I wrote him a check last week. I did not. I did not, kidding. Sorry, Glenn. But what I'm saying is he does speak to a large percent of the electorate that is concerned about the direction of the country.

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