Brazile Defends Jones: 'If You Made a Controversial Statement and You're Liberal, You're Labeled as a Radical and That's Wrong'

The evidence is in on Van Jones. He's and admitted communist, signed a petition supporting 9/11 conspiracy theories and has called Republicans a series of vulgar names, and according to Democratic strategist Donna Brazile - there's nothing wrong with that.

Brazile, a CNN regular, appeared on CNN's Sept. 7 "The Situation Room," and reacted to Jones' Sept. 5 late-night resignation.

"Let me just say that Van Jones is a very, very intelligent man," Brazile said. "A Yale graduate, someone who came up from the public schools of Jackson, Tenn. to make something of himself. People have a deep and abiding respect for his expertise for on the environment."

In her defense of Jones, she also added the Obama administration's decision to use "so-called czars" was necessary to help the American economy, due to their "special expertise."

"And let me just say something about the so-called czars," Brazile added. "I don't know if it's 15 or 30. I don't care if it's five. President Obama is assembling the best and brightest to help transform our economy to ensure that we can adapt to the new conditions that face us each and every day. These are people with special expertise."

And Brazile had no qualms with any of the controversial statements Jones. She said there was nothing wrong with making controversial statements if you're liberal and the "radical" label was not justified.

"I don't know the vetting process at the White House," Brazile continued. "All I know is if you made a controversial statement and you're liberal - you're labeled as a radical and that's wrong. Let me just say to conservatives there's nothing wrong with liberals."

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