McCain on Fox News: 'I Wish They Picked A Different Moderator'

This morning, Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, appeared on Fox News's Fox & Friends to answer a few questions about tonight's vice presidential debate between Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Delaware Senator Joe Biden.

Grabbing the headlines the past few days has been the news that Gwen Ifill, debate moderator, has written a book subtitled "The Age of Obama" which is set to be released on the day of the inauguration of the next president in January. A win by Barack Obama could positively impact book sales and have caused some to question the impartiality of Ifill.

Fox News: Senator, before you go, I have to ask you this because there's been a lot of debate--speaking of the debate--in the last 24 hours about the moderator, Gwen Ifill and the fact that she's releasing this book on inauguration day that is a lot about Barack Obama. I know you've gone on the record yesterday saying you don't have a problem with this, that you think she'll be fair. But do you actually think it will work to your advantage because people will really be looking closely at her questions?

John McCain: Listen, frankly, I wish they had picked a moderator who isn't writing a book favorable to Barack Obama. I mean, let's face it. But I have to have confidence that Gwen Ifill will treat this as the professional journalist that she is. Frankly, I would imagine there are other people out there who aren't writing a book that's going to be on inauguration day that's favorable to Senator Obama. But that's life. Life isn't fair. As I mentioned earlier in our program. And whatever, whoever the moderator is and whatever the questions, it doesn't matter, because Sarah Palin is great. And the genuineness of her is what comes across to the American people. At first they were exposed to her and then frankly, we got a lot of media filter. They're not going to get that tonight.

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