GOP 'Trying to Blow Your Children Up,' Spews Libtalker Stephanie Miller

October 2nd, 2013 5:15 PM

A sure sign that Dear Leader in the White House is under siege? His most ardent followers in media are sounding like denizens of Radio Rwanda circa 1994.

Latest example -- liberal radio host Stephanie Miller, aka the "Sexy Liberal" (yes, she actually calls herself that) upping the ante with a bedwetter of a caller who feared for his children's safety because of the partial government shutdown. (Audio after the jump)

Listen for yourself as Miller joins the clown chorus competing for the most overwrought description of the GOP (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney, --

CALLER: I don't appreciate them holding my children hostage. I don't appreciate them holding myself hostage or ...

MILLER (interrupting): May I, may I correct you there? They are not holding your children hostage. They are trying to blow your children up. (pause for dramatic effect) There is a difference.

CALLER: What's that? (Did she just say what I think she said ...?)

MILLER: They are suicide bombers. They are no longer hostage takers, they are no longer just regular terrorists. They are suicide bombers.

You know, just like the predators who attacked us on 9/11. Better build a bomb shelter just to be on the safe side.

How distant indeed are those plaintive liberal pleas for more civility in our discourse. As often the case, it was not a standard that so-called progressives were willing to apply to themselves.

Runner-up in the clown-chorus competition -- left-wing radio talker Mike Malloy, a man incapable of letting any broadcast pass without graphic references to carnage, for this malignant rant smearing Republicans as "religious psychopaths" and "neo-fascists" who want women inflicted with cancer and girls to get sexually transmitted diseases.

Honorable mention goes to actress/singer Bette Midler, who tweeted this yesterday --

The New Normal: USA held hostage by right wing extremists. Osama Ben Laden couldn't have done it better.

For what it's worth, the letter "e" is down the road a bit from "i" on a typical qwerty keyboard.