Ed Schultz: Syria Could Doom Obama

September 10th, 2013 4:25 PM

May you live through interesting times goes the wording of an ancient Chinese curse, or so I've heard many times through the years.

The possibility of US military intervention in Syria is producing something comparable -- we are living through unusually candid times, at least for some people who previously didn't seem capable of it. (Audio clips after the jump)

On his radio show yesterday Ed Schultz leveled damning criticism against the Obama administration for its handling of the Syrian crisis (audio) --

Their best line is, this isn't Iraq, this isn't Afghanistan, common sense, but we're not 100 percent sure. How is that going to sell anybody when we have the dictator in question saying we can expect everything? Well, you know how I take that? Nukes. That's how I take that, and when everything means everything. We are getting more of a direct response from Assad (Schultz alluding to Assad's interview with CBS's Charlie Rose) than we are from the Obama administration! I hate to say that but that's how I feel as an American citizen right now.

It's what Schultz said minutes later that was even more surprising (audio) --

There's no way that the polling can stay where it is without the president going against the will of the American people. I mean, if the polling stays where it is and the American people do not believe that there should be a resolution, a favorability to strike Syria, the president now is going to set himself up in two different ways. Number one, it may be the end of his administration and I don't say that lightly, because he may not be able to get anything done from here on out. And he may be impeached. This was said by Dennis Kucinich last week and I thought, well, I gotta think about that. No, I'm on board with that now. I think that you can't trust the Republicans, there'll be enough people on the Republican side that will view this as an opportunity to scar Obama's tenure as president of the United States and his legacy. So there's a lot of politics here that I think will play into this.

Don't you love it? Schultz cites uber-liberal Dennis Kucinich for having raised the specter of impeachment if Obama hits Syria without green light from Congress, followed by the equally liberal Schultz saying "I'm on board with that now" -- but if it actually plays out this way, heck, let's blame those hateful Republicans.

Vintage Schultz -- uncharacteristic candor giving way to predictable pablum.