Paleo-Rocker Stephen Stills Slams GOP as 'Neanderthal' Party

April 10th, 2013 4:13 PM

Just my impression but it sounded like the man said this without a trace of irony.

Singer/songwriter and political activist Stephen Stills appeared on Stephanie Miller's radio show yesterday and succeeded only in reinforcing my long-held disdain for hippies. (audio clip after page break)

Stills struggled to utter an intelligible sentence while condemning Republicans as hidebound and out of date (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney at --

STILLS: Well, I'm, I'm (of) the opinion that, uh, that the woolly mammoth should replace the Republican logo.

MILLER SIDEKICK JIM WARD (chuckles dutifully): Ha ha ha.

STILLS: Because they sort of go together. Woolly mammoth -- Neanderthal.

WARD: Extinct.

STILLS: I just, the debates that, that are ongoing right now, uh, defry, defy credulity.


STILLS: It's as simple as that.

MILLER: Yeah, it's ...

STILLS (interrupting): I mean, OK, change the subject, we want to poison the entire Mississippi Valley with tar sands but we're going to argue about gay marriage, please, and guns! You know and I, you know, I ...

MILLER (reduced to parroting same word repeatedly): Yeah.

STILLS: ... they've been using this dodge for years and years and years and, uh, it's just time to stop and for sensible voices to speak up.

MILLER (again at loss for all but one word): Yeah.

"Defry" credulity indeed. Alas, poor Miller, waiting in vain for a sensible voice.

Miller helpfully posted a YouTube video of another portion of her rambling chat with Stills in which he opined about Hillary Clinton. Two moments that jump out for unintended hilarity -- Stills' tortured pronunciation of "Sotomayor" (0:51 in the clip), followed him alluding to Obama -- "this guy here" (1:46) -- and Miller having no idea who he's talking about.