'Balance' from Time Magazine

Time magazine has hired another liberal blogger in its ongoing effort to make the balance of its conservative vs. liberal bloggers as balanced as its news reporting. Not only that, their new blogger is a fan of Bush conspiracy theories.

AllahPundit writes at Hot Air:

This makes three bloggers writing for Time now: Marshall, Wonkette, and of course St. Andrew.

St. Andrew being the “conservative.”

Remember when WaPo hired Ben Domenech and the left wet its pants for days over the fact that they hadn’t hired a left-wing blogger to balance him out? When does Time sign Captain Ed or Josh Trevino to balance out Marshall?

Or can it really be that Sullivan is the “balance”?

AllahPundit quotes from Time's new blogger:

[N]ot long after the champagne corks stopped popping at Bush campaign headquarters, terror alerts seemed to go out of style. The color codes became yesterday’s news. With the exception of one warning about mass-transit facilities in response to the London bombing on July 7, 2005, that was pretty much it until this summer. I live in lower Manhattan and my wife works in a building overlooking Ground Zero. So I want to know when something’s really up and not worry that I’m getting bamboozled to amp the President’s approval rating.

Can I prove any of this was politically motivated? Of course not. But that’s the magic of the terror-alert song and dance. There’s no way to know. All the key facts are veiled in secrecy, as they must be. So it’s impossible to know from the outside whether it’s on the level or not. But with another election looming, it seems we’re about to get a bunch of new chances to wonder.

In other words, the fact that he can’t prove his theory isn’t a strike against it, it’s a point in its favor — evidence of how fiendishly clever it all is. Has the Truther mentality ever been expressed so neatly?

There’s a massive government cover-up surrounding the spaceship being held at Area 51. You know how you can tell?

There’s no evidence of a spaceship being held at Area 51.


Mind you, this is the column he chose to introduce himself to Time’s readers.

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