When Muslims Make Fun of the Amish


So last night on the show, Andy Levy pointed out that the person representing the Ground Zero mosque on Twitter made a few jabs at the Amish.

This is what the Tweeter tweeted:

Amish saying stop Muslims?1. What are you doing on the computer? 2. That's not very Amish 3. Shouldn't you be making butter?

Later, that tweet was deleted.

Which is a shame, because it didn't have to go. See, the Mosque folks don't understand that here in America you can make fun of any religion - yes, even the Amish - and angry followers won't throw acid in your face or behead you in front of a tripod. And, as primitive as the Amish are, they won't even stone you to death for adultery. But the tweeting Park51 can be forgiven: maybe they thought the Amish might head out from Lancaster County and fly a buggy straight into their building. Don't worry, "Parky:" they wouldn't get the horses through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Anyhoo, that's my point. We all make Amish jokes, because we can. They are nice people. The worst thing they ever did was deal meth - and in parts of rural PA, that's almost considered a civic duty (I kid the rural PA-ers).

Meanwhile, after I made my proposal to open a gay Muslim bar next to the mosque - I was warned by friends, coworkers and deli managers that I'd end up dead. Who knew so many people hated the Pet Shop Boys?

But it is certainly rich for the folks behind the mosque to poke fun of a religion for eschewing modern convenience. After all, the Amish are beyond advanced when compared to the most ardent followers of Islam. Remember, the Amish do not demand that the world to return to a period when its prophet lived - a time when more people died during childbirth than from old age.

But hey - at least these Mosque-eteers at Park51 can make fun of the Amish.

Maybe later, they can make fun of themselves.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who stole my pants.

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