Eight Brand New Hunter Biden Scandals the Nets Are CENSORING

October 13th, 2022 1:00 PM

Friday will mark two years since The New York Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story and it’s been two full years of the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks doing all they can to avoid telling their audiences about the stunning revelations that have sprung from Hunter’s hard drive. 

Even their favorite liberal organ of record – The New York Times finally acknowledging the “laptop from hell” was authentic and not a part of a Russian hoax did little to spur the networks to cover the scandal. 

The networks did manage to cover The Washington Post (it was a front page story, hard for them to ignore) reporting that the FBI had collected enough evidence to charge President Hunter with tax and gun-related charges. However ABC, CBS, NBC (10/6 through 10/9) spent a total of only 15 minutes, 51 seconds on it. By October 10 the story was completely dropped.

Hunter’s laptop has been a literal treasure trove of evidence of wrongdoing, much of which can be linked to Joe Biden and proves he was lying when he claimed in 2019: “I’ve never spoken to my son [Hunter] about his overseas business dealings!”

NewsBusters has been detailing (here, here, and here) all the shocking Hunter scandals and how the networks have covered or more accurately NOT covered them. 

The following are eight BRAND NEW Hunter scandals that have been censored by the networks: 


Before Facebook Suppressed the Hunter Story, They Were Briefed by FBI Agents Who Were Dem Donors


On October 10, the New York Post reported the following: 

Both FBI officials who briefed Facebook before the social media giant opted to censor The Post’s initial reporting on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop made small-dollar donations to Democrats during the 2020 election cycle, according to campaign finance records and court filings. 

An amended complaint released Monday by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s office says Laura Dehmlow, the section chief of the bureau’s Foreign Influence Task Force, and Elvis Chan, who manages the cyber branch of the FBI’s San Francisco field office, were “involved in the communications between the FBI and Meta that led to Facebook’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.”

Federal Election Commission records show that Dehmlow and Chan donated a total of $160 to Democrats in 2020. Chan contributed $50 each to Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for their Georgia Senate runoff campaigns in November of that year, while Dehmlow gave the Democratic National Committee $60 in $10 increments between March 30 and August 30

The amended complaint was filed last week as part of an extensive lawsuit against the Biden administration by Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. The top prosecutors have accused the administration of leaning on big tech companies to censor so-called “misinformation” about a variety of topics, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 presidential election.

Dehmlow and Chan’s interactions with Facebook were not detailed in the court filings released Monday. However, the documents state that Chan “has openly boasted about his official role on behalf of FBI in coordinating with social-media companies.”

The filings note comments made by Chan in a recent podcast where he states that the FBI San Francisco field office was “very involved in helping to protect the US elections in 2020 … working in conjunction with the private sector, as well as with election officials from every single state and protectorate, we were really able to do it.”

After The Post broke the story on Oct. 14, 2020, that Hunter Biden had introduced his father to an executive at Ukrainian energy company Burisma, Facebook spokesman Andy Stone — a former Democratic flack — announced the company was limiting the story’s reach.

At the same time, Twitter locked The Post’s primary account, claiming that articles about the messages obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop broke the social network’s rules against “distribution of hacked material.”

In August, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on the “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast that his company restricted the reporting due to a vague FBI warning about possible “Russian propaganda” meant to discredit the Bidens leading up to the 2020 election. 

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds


White House Spending $265,000 of Taxpayer Money to Fend Off Hunter Biden Probe


On October 8, the New York Post reported the following: 

The White House is gearing up for a growing army of staff to fend off potential Republican-led probes on everything from Hunter Biden to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan — and taxpayers are footing the bill.

Battening down the hatches should the GOP regain control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, the White House is shelling out $265,000 a year in salary for staff whose primary portfolio will be to run comms and defense for the administration from an approaching blizzard of subpoenas.

In May, the White House poached Richard A. Sauber, the top attorney for the Department of Veterans Affairs, to serve as a “deputy counsel to the president” tasked with handling House oversight probes. Ian Sams, a veteran of Vice President Harris’ failed 2020 presidential campaign, was hired to run official comms for the team. White House records show the two men will take home $155,000 and $110,000 respectively.

And the team is only expected to grow, the Washington Post reported — indicating that its staffing and operational expenditures will balloon further.

“Americans deserve transparency from President Biden about his family’s suspicious business dealings. But instead of providing transparency, the White House is hiring staff at the American taxpayers’ expense to stonewall congressional oversight and accountability.” said Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who is on track to chair the House Oversight Committee next year if Republicans retake the House.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds


Letter Discovered on Hunter’s Laptop Exposes 2017 Qatar Deal That Undermined Trump Administration


On October 7, Breitbart.com reported the following: 

A letter on Hunter Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop shows the Biden family pursuing a deal with Qatar, undermining the Trump Administration and appearing like an effort at a shadow foreign policy.

The letter — retrieved from the “Laptop from Hell” by Congressman Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) office after being in a previously unreadable format — shows James Biden, President Biden’s brother, making an overture to an associate of Qatari Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Al Thani.

They say, “my family could provide a wealth of introductions and business opportunities at the highest levels,” despite unfavorable policies of the “fractured” and “beleaguered” then-Trump administration for Qatar.

The letter, dated August 1, 2017, to be relayed to the Sheikh, criticizes the Trump administration as having a “fractured nature” and as being “beleaguered by major issues that are not soon to be resolved” — offering to help in “effectuating the vision” of the Sheikh.

“I would be honored to assist in effectuating the vision of His Excellency but would be remiss in not pointing out the fractured nature of our current administration,” the missive begins. “This administration is beleaguered by major issues that are not soon to be resolved,” the now-president’s brother also says of the Trump White House.

Through his family’s “deep and wide” relationships, which he boasts have “lasted through many years and many administrations,” Biden proposes partnership for a “different vision” than the Trump government’s of American interest and U.S.-Qatari relations.

It is not clear whether the letter was ever delivered, or if it is a draft.

James Biden oddly notes in the middle of the letter that “we are not, however, lobbyists and do not operate in that arena,” despite spending the missive before and after that statement describing what some critics might say looks like a lobbying pitch.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds


Hunter’s Ex-Business Partner Tony Bobulinski Proclaims FBI “Altered History”



On October 4, FoxNews.com reported the following: 

Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski expressed outrage at the FBI’s handling of damning information he provided them about the first son’s business dealings involving his uncle, James Biden, Chinese and other foreign interests, and reportedly the current president of the United States himself.

Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and the former head of SinoHawk Holdings, which he described as a partnership between the CEFC Chinese energy conglomerate and two Biden family members, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in an exclusive interview Tuesday that he decrypted subtle word choices by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg from his own sit-down with UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan. He explained how it allegedly showed the FBI must have known how damaging his information on the Biden family was to the then-candidate.

Zuckerberg told Rogan earlier this year that FBI officials came to Facebook executives and warned them of “a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election” and to be on notice “there’s about to be some kind of dump -- that’s similar to that, so just be vigilant.”

Keying into Zuckerberg using the term “dump” rather than an “article” or “report,” Bobulinski said he believes that meant the FBI suggested as much to Facebook, while the agents may not have used the exact term.

“He used the word ‘dump,’ right? He said the FBI beat us [to] that a dump might be coming. They didn't say there might be a story. The dump the FBI was well aware there was a laptop that well aware there were hundreds of thousands of emails and text messages and stuff like that,” he said.

“The New York Post published a couple of emails trying to make the American public aware of it. But Mark Zuckerberg just casually said, oh, yeah, the FBI came to us and warned us of a dump,” he pointed out, adding executives at the company later “throttled” the overall story’s reach.

Combining the two factors, Bobulinski cited the narrow margins by which Donald Trump lost Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona – arguing that, had it not been for both the FBI and social media executives’ behavior, the results could have been different.

“Twenty-one-thousand-five-hundred votes,” he said, citing Joe Biden’s net margin in those three swing states.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds


Tony Bobulinski Claims Hunter Committed “Fraud” Against Business Partners 


On October 3, FoxNews.com reported the following: 

Tony Bobulinski says his former associate, Hunter Biden, committed crimes against his business partners by tampering with key documents to funnel over $5 million into a company he owned. “It’s called fraud,” Bobulinski told Fox News host Tucker Carlson, during an in-depth conversation that will air during “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday. 

Bobulinski, a retired lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, is the former CEO of SinoHawk Holdings, which he has long said was the partnership between a Chinese energy firm and the Biden family. He believes Hunter Biden changed references to a SinoHawk-linked LLC called Oneida Holdings in a 2017 limited liability company agreement to divert millions of dollars to a company he held a larger stake in.

“It’s sort of staggering that that document is exactly the same document as SinoHawk Holdings, LLC. And it appears that Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and the Biden family literally copied the same document down to typos… they removed Oneida Holdings, which was the Delaware LLC that represented Jim Biden, Hunter Biden, myself, Rob Walker and James Gilliar,” Bobulinski said. 

“Hunter and his lawyer, Jorge Misires, replaced it with Owasco, which was Hunter Biden’s law firm or business that he operated,” Bobulinski said. “He effectively swapped out an entity that he owned 20% of to a business that he owned 100% of, which is fraud.” 

Carlson then asked Bobulinski if he saw any other possible explanation than fraud committed by Hunter Biden. “I’m sure you can reach out to the Biden family and get comment from them, but there are calls,” Bobulinski said. “He received over $5 million.”

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds


Hunter’s Lawyer Allegedly Spied On Set of Movie About Biden Scandal


On September 7, the New York Post reported the following: 

The State Bar of California is investigating an ethics complaint brought against Hunter Biden’s attorney and “sugar brother” Kevin Morris by filmmaker Phelim McAleer, who wants the wealthy Malibu lawyer disbarred for allegedly infiltrating the set of his movie “My Son Hunter” using false pretenses to gather information for the first son.

In the complaint, filed last week and obtained by The Post, McAleer alleges that Morris, who made a fortune representing the co-creators of “South Park,” flew on his private jet in November to Serbia, where the Hunter Biden biopic was being filmed, and pretended he was an independent documentary filmmaker producing content for “South Park streaming.”

“Kevin Morris was Hunter Biden’s lawyer who used deception and misrepresentation to spy on a movie project about his client to gather information to help his client,” the complaint alleges.

“He used deceit to secure such access by not disclosing he was Mr. Biden’s lawyer. Mr. Morris used his cover as a documentary filmmaker to conceal his true purpose: performing legal investigative work on behalf of his client, Mr. Hunter Biden.”

A source close to Morris on Tuesday confirmed that Morris, who lent Hunter as much as $2.8 million to pay off a tax bill, was one of Hunter’s “attorneys and trusted adviser.”

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds


Hunter Tries to Get His Child Support Payments Slashed, Cites Change to “Financial Circumstances”


On September 14, the New York Post reported the following: 

Hunter Biden is trying to get his child support payments for his 4-year-old love child lowered by claiming a substantial change to his “financial circumstances,” according to court documents.

President Biden’s son, 52, has asked an Arkansas judge to recalculate the child support payments he makes to Lunden Roberts, 31 — the mother of the daughter he’s never met, according to a Monday court filing obtained by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Hunter cited “a substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income,” for the reason behind his request. It wasn’t immediately clear what the change in Hunter’s income was.

Hunter’s motion was filed in Independence County, which is where Roberts — a former stripper — lives with their daughter, Navy Joan. Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster, was quick to express doubt over Hunter’s monetary status — and vowed to look into his financial records.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds


Hunter Hooked Client Up with Dinner at Chinese Embassy, After Luncheon Hosted by Then-VP Biden


On September 1, FoxNews.com reported the following: 

Hunter Biden was instrumental in helping a Rosemont Seneca Partners client and Democratic donor secure an event at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., after networking with one of the top officials at the embassy during a January 2011 luncheon hosted by then-Vice President Biden, according to emails reviewed and verified by Fox News Digital.

Those emails show that Hunter and his former business partner, Eric Schwerin, helped Marvin Lang, the managing director of Guardian Realty in Maryland, plan a dinner with the Chinese Embassy’s minister, Deng Hongbo, on April 28, 2011, which was later touted on China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Planning for the event appears to have started in December 2010 after Lang, who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, emailed Hunter thanking him for meeting him for lunch and saying he was “excited” to form a “long relationship” with Rosemont, Hunter and Schwerin’s now-defunct investment firm.

Based on emails and news articles reviewed by Fox News Digital, the lunch that Schwerin is referring to in the email was the luncheon that then-Vice President Biden and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted for Hu Jintao, China’s president at the time, in the State Department’s Benjamin Franklin Room on Jan. 19, 2011. One of the emails that Schwerin sent to Hunter late at night the night before the luncheon said that Hunter was sitting at the same table as Ron Klain, who was the chief of staff for Vice President Biden until the end of January 2011 and is currently Biden's chief of staff.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds


By refusing to report on the Hunter Biden scandals, particularly the ones that touch President Joe Biden it is clear that ABC, CBS and NBC are in the business of protecting the Democratic Party as we head into a pivotal midterm election. 

For this study MRC analysts looked at the ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning shows and their Sunday roundtable programs from September 1, 2022 through the morning of October 13, 2022.