NBC's Today Turns 60: Top 5 Silliest Moments on Today

This week NBC’s Today show has been celebrating 60 years on the air, and for over 20 of those years the MRC has been documenting that show’s morning show’s liberal agenda. Earlier this week, Newsbusters took a look at that show’s Top 10 Most Obnoxiously Liberal Quotes, today it’s time to review some of the silly moments on Today. From former anchor and millionaire Katie Couric fretting about high gas prices to current co-anchor Ann Curry’s inability to find the state of Illinois on a map, MRC analysts have documented some of the silliest moments from that show’s hosts.

The following are five of the silliest Today show anchor  moments plucked from the MRC archive. (Top 5 Video Countdown after the jump)

5. Millionaire Katie Couric Frets About Filling Up Her SUV


Co-host Matt Lauer: “Pain at the pump. Gas prices are going sky high. I paid $2.94 a gallon over the weekend to fill up the car.”
Co-host Katie Couric: “It’s ridiculous. I had to take out a loan to fill up my minivan. It’s crazy.”
— Exchange at the top of NBC’s Today, August 15, 2005. Couric, at the time, was making about $15,000,000 a year

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4. Matt Lauer Captivated By Al Gore’s Kiss


“Let’s talk about what they are now calling, Mr. Vice President, ‘The Kiss’. You heard about ‘The Catch’ in that football game, this is ‘The Kiss.’ You really planted one on Mrs. Gore at the beginning of your speech there. What were you thinking?”
“Were you trying to tell the American people that you’re really a kind of emotional guy?”
“Well, after watching that kiss I know how you survived 30 years, Mr. Vice President. Way to go! It’s nice talking to you.”
— NBC Today co-host Matt Lauer to Al Gore, August 21, 2000.


3. Happy Thanksgiving!


“You know there are some American Indians who feel that Thanksgiving should be a day of mourning, not a day of celebration, because of what happened to their people.”
— NBC Today co-host Ann Curry during an interview on the November 24, 2003 Today show with the author of a book urging families to learn more about the history of Thanksgiving and to appreciate being American.


2. Meredith Vieira Freaked Out by Warm Weather


“So I’m running in the park on Saturday, in shorts, thinking this [warm weather] is great, but are we all gonna die? You know? I can’t, I can’t figure this out.”
— Co-host Meredith Vieira talking about global warming on NBC’s Today, January 8, 2006.


1. Curry Can't Find Illinois on a Map, Points to Minnesota


Co-Host Ann Curry: “Okay let’s talk about the home states because we’ve got Illinois, which is right here.”
Reporter Chuck Todd: “No, no.”
Curry: “No, wrong one.”
Todd: “That’s okay.”
Curry: “Wrong one. There we go.”
— Co-host Ann Curry breaking down delegate counts for each Super Tuesday state with NBC’s political director Chuck Todd on the February 4, 2008 Today points to the state of Minnesota on a map when she meant to point to Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois.

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