He's tanned. He's rested. He's ready. Al Gore 2016! Wha-what? It's the premise of Salon blogger Sean Illing which reflects a growing realization among the left that Hillary Clinton is a fatally flawed candidate. Okay, fine, but is Al Gore really the best alternative they can come up with? Illing makes the case for Gore but leaves out a few fatal flaws about Mr. Global Warming. 

First let us watch Illing bemoan the candidacy of Hillary and why Bernie Sanders does not fit the bill as a replacement:

This week NBC’s Today show has been celebrating 60 years on the air, and for over 20 of those years the MRC has been documenting that show’s morning show’s liberal agenda. Earlier this week, Newsbusters took a look at that show’s Top 10 Most Obnoxiously Liberal Quotes, today it’s time to review some of the silly moments on Today. From former anchor and millionaire Katie Couric fretting about high gas prices to current co-anchor Ann Curry’s inability to find the state of Illinois on a map, MRC analysts have documented some of the silliest moments from that show’s hosts.

The following are five of the silliest Today show anchor  moments plucked from the MRC archive. (Top 5 Video Countdown after the jump)