As Usual, CNN’s Chris Cillizza Misses The Point

December 6th, 2017 11:47 PM

If you’re a conservative supporter of Donald Trump, it’s likely you have your own personal villain in the mainstream media who you love to hate. For me, it’s CNN politics reporter, Chris Cillizza.

That’s not to take away from the fine work many left-wing activists masquerading as reporters are doing. But Cillizza takes the cake. He is supposedly a politics reporter and editor-at-large for CNN, but in reality, he has only one job, which is continuously rewrite the same commentary declaring that Donald Trump has yet again reached a new low in his presidency. For this, he gets paid a great deal.

Monday’s shriek was about Trump’s desire to do the direct opposite of what any other president has ever done. As evidence, Cillizza presented an early-morning tweet sent by the President and a brief comment he made toward reporters before boarding Marine One on Monday morning.

In the tweet, Trump endorsed Alabama Republican Roy Moore for Senate in Alabama. Why? As Trump explained, Moore supports his agenda — while Democrat Doug Jones does not.

Cillizza squealed: “For any other president -- literally any other one -- doing [this] would be considered so politically and legally risky that they wouldn't even talk about it much less actually say it in public.”

Literally any other one, you say? Now when have we ever had a president who endorsed someone of his own party who was accused of being involved in sexual impropriety? Maybe Cillizza isn’t as old as I am, but I seem to remember this happening – oh, last year.

One need only think way back to 2016, when President Barack Obama tweeted support and campaigned for a woman who set the cause of combating sexual harassment back two decades. There is not a single woman who former President Bill Clinton allegedly groped, harassed, or raped that Hillary Clinton didn’t seek to “destroy” or ruin.

But let’s move on to Trump’s Monday morning comments.

Trump offered sympathy for his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty last Friday to lying to the FBI about his conversation with then-Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. As Trump pointed out over the weekend, he did not believe that what Flynn did in talking to Kislyak was in any way improper, and expressed confusion as to why Flynn would lie about it.

Again, we would have to think as far back as President Obama to see a president who showed support toward people who were caught perjuring themselves. Picking on Hillary Clinton here would be redundant, but what about James Clapper? Susan Rice? Lois Lerner? Why didn’t Cillizza shriek about those whoppers?

Cillizza continued:

Trump -- by his own admission -- sees himself as a counter-puncher. He sees what people do and then he strikes back by doing the opposite. He is, by nature, a reactive force -- someone defined by opposition to things rather than support for them.

Viewed that way, Trump's endorsement of Moore and his praise for Flynn make total and complete sense. Up is down. Down is up. “C-A-T” spells “dog.”

Ah, yes. Up is down! Trump’s totally crazy! Or, perhaps, Trump’s “reaction” against the excesses of progressivism was the very thing that launched him to the nomination of his party and to winning the presidency of the United States. Cillizza’s column is called “The Point.” And, as usual, he completely misses it.