Headline of the Year? 'Maureen Dowd Is an Idiot'

May 1st, 2012 5:38 PM

More than a few writers have chimed in on the New York Times' recent obsession with the Vatican's efforts to align the dissident leadership of an organization of nuns with Catholic doctrine.

Real Clear Religion's Rod Dreher, however, should get special notice for his blistering and deadly accurate column with the unforgettable headline, "Maureen Dowd Is an Idiot."

Dreher's column is indeed a must-read. He systematically demonstrates that when it comes to reporting issues related to the Catholic Church, the New York Times abandons all journalistic standards and tosses accuracy and honesty out the window.

Take it away, Rod:

The New York Times has once again distinguished itself with perfectly idiotic staff commentary about the controversy between the Vatican and radical American nuns.

Honestly, Maureen Dowd writing about anything having to do with religion is about like me writing about the storm and stress of the PGA Tour ...

One doesn't expect The New York Times to be First Things, but one expects the nation's leading newspaper to have enough respect for itself and the seriousness of the issues at hand to require its columnist to write with a modicum of thoughtfulness. Then again, if that were the editorial page's standard, Maureen Dowd wouldn't have a column.

Dreher also targets the Times' Nicholas D. Kristof, who wrote an article nearly identical to Dowd's on the exact same topic on the exact same day.

After blasting Kristof's column as "vapid," Dreher concludes that the columns from both Dowd and Kristof are "extraordinarily weak" and declares, "This isn't column writing; these are typed tantrums."

The clips here of Dreher's piece don't do the entire column justice. Check it out. It is an important and sharp take on the New York Times' "intellectual laziness" when it comes to reporting on issues related to religion and – most notably – the Catholic Church.

-- Dave Pierre is the creator and author of TheMediaReport.com, which analyzes the media's coverage of the Catholic Church abuse narrative. Dave is also the author of two books and is a contributing writer to NewsBusters.