Does Cuomo Find Comfort in Global Market Turmoil?

Are some in the media enjoying the down Dow? It certainly seemed that "Good Morning America" co-anchor Chris Cuomo was embracing a bit of schadenfreude during the Oct. 24 show - seemingly relieved he could find "some comfort" that other nations are undergoing economic problems just like the United States.

As the markets were beginning a very downbeat start, reporter Bianna Golodryga detailed the latest financial turmoil, including problems abroad.

"Another example came out this morning," she said. "We hear from the U.K., where they said that the GDP, the economic growth in that country, has slowed dramatically. And they are, in fact, probably entering a recession right now."

After that comment, Golodryga closed out her segment with comments about Alan Greenspan's Hill testimony. As the "breaking news" graphic on the screen flashed up "World Markets In Freefall. Dow Futures Halted Over Concerns," the two closed out the segment. Here is her final comment and Cuomo's strange response:

GOLODRYGA: He (Greenspan) admitted his own failures for not foreseeing that the markets could not ultimately regulate themselves. Chris, it's going to be a very busy day. We'll be watching markets all morning long for you."

CUOMO: And all over the world, we're seeing the same thing, so there's some comfort in that. Bianna, thank you very much.

Given the interconnectedness of global markets, that would be a weird way to look at the day's news. But it is Chris Cuomo.

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