‘Passionate Protesters’; Nets Hail ‘Thousands’ Marching ‘In Support of Palestinians’

November 7th, 2023 5:32 PM

The “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC unsurprisingly failed this week to convey even the most basic facts about what they’ve insisted were “thousands of pro-Palestinian” marchers “ma[king] their voices heard” this past weekend — including in Washington D.C. — when the more adept description would be pro-Hamas rallies calling for Israel’s eradication and support for Hamas’s October 7 terror attacks.

As our friend Julio Rosas chronicled, the chants and signs were revolting and brazen in their demands for Israel to be wiped off the map.



The single biggest piece of propaganda was this line on Monday’s Good Morning America from ABC’s chief White House correspondent Mary Bruce that she echoed on Twitter (and was promptly ratioed to the moon):

[T]he White House and this administration is facing growing pressure to try and push for a ceasefire. Those calls echoed by passionate protesters here in Washington this weekend, demanding more be done to address this humanitarian crisis, calls even echoed by some in the President’s own party.

The Sunday edition of the show wasn’t much better. Co-host Whit Johnson touted the “thousands of pro-Palestinian protests” who “filled the streets” with co-host Janai Norman echoing that number, adding the masses “show[ed]...support for the Palestinian people.”

Correspondent Em Nguyen pointed to the germane “signs and banners” that read “free Palestine” and “genocide,” but ignored signs or chants that said, “from the river to the sea,” “f*** Joe Biden,” “Zionism is terrorism,” or “long live the Intifada” (which, as the New York Post noted, are Palestinian uprisings “that left thousands dead”).

“Massive crowds gathered calling for a ceasefire, condemning the Biden administration's support of Israel. Demonstrators were seen on social media trying to scale the White House fence. Some spraying graffiti on D.C. buildings and statues. Some brought out Palestinian flags. Others? Fake coffins,” she added.

On Sunday’s World News Tonight, anchor Linsey Davis similarly whitewashed it by hyping the “tens of thousands in Washington showing their support for the Palestinian people...waving Palestinian flags and calling for a ceasefire.”

NBC had the most number of segments with every episode of Today from Sunday to Tuesday acknowledging the pro-terrorist confabs.

On Sunday Today, host Willie Geist hyped the “massive protest” took “to the streets” while foreign correspondent Josh Lederman boasted of “thousands rallying outside the White House” joining others around the world “demanding the Israeli onslaught stop now.”

Lederman at least pointed out that the mob shook the White House fence with “red handprints symbolizing blood smeared on the White House gate.”

A full segment on Monday’s show began with co-host Hoda Kotb trotting out the liberal media’s go-to catchphrase of this war: “both sides.”

“[T]he weekend was marked by more protests on both sides of the war. Demonstrations were held in many cities across the country,” she proclaimed.

Touting “people” as having “made their voices heard” at “a rally in support of Palestinians,” correspondent Stephanie Gosk used rhetoric that, as we showed in 2009, wasn’t anything close to what the liberal media did with the tea party (click “expand”):

GOSK: Israel is nearly a month into its war with Hamas and the Israeli government expects the battle to continue many more weeks despite growing global calls for a ceasefire. And, this weekend, from coast to coast people made their voices heard. Nearly a month into the war between Israel and Hamas, passions rising here at home with demonstrations in multiple U.S. cities.



GOSK: In Washington Saturday a rally in support of Palestinians brought tens of thousands to the nation’s capital.

PRO-HAMAS RALLY SPEAKER: Long live Palestine!

GOSK: Crowds marched to the White House gates. According to police, the demonstration was largely peaceful. But, after dark, some protesters shook the White House fences and began climbing them leaving red hand prints symbolizing blood smeared on the brick and vandalizing nearby statues. In a statement, the U.S. Secret Service said the attempted gate trespass was handled without incident, adding there were no arrests.

Gosk was back on Tuesday’s Today to cover the murder of a Jewish man who had been waving his flag on a California street corner and worked in broad strokes about “[d]ueling protests nationwide since Hamas attacked Israel a month ago, mostly without serious incident” with “[p]olice often keep[ing] protesters separate.”

On Monday’s CBS Mornings, co-host and Democratic donor Gayle King did her part sanitizing the far left: “In Washington Saturday, thousands demonstrated against what’s happening in Gaza with anger directed at the U.S. as well as Israel for supporting this campaign.”

Hours earlier on Sunday’s CBS Weekend News, Sunday anchor Jericka Duncan made it seem pedestrian and inoffensive: “Well today, pro-Palestinian protesters marched in several cities around the world. Thousands took to the streets of Toronto calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, while in Madrid, demonstrators expressed support for the Palestinian cause.”

Correspondent Skyler Henry did the same in talking about the rioters in D.C.: “Thousands of pro-Palestine demonstrators converged on Washington on Saturday, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.”

From the looks of it, it sure seems as though leftists can cause chaos and bang on an entrance to the White House, deface it with paint, and hold a rally with offensive chants and slogans and the liberal networks will give them a pass.