‘Dark Chapter’; ABC, NBC Fret GOP ‘Not Ready to Move on’ From Hunter Despite No Evidence

July 26th, 2023 1:41 PM

Ahead of what was supposed to be Hunter Biden’s Wednesday morning court appearance to plead guilty to tax charges and instead turned into a not guilty plea due to a stunning breakdown between the legal teams and the judge, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today were in full spin mode for the Biden family and the Biden 2024 campaign and thus engaging in election interference by misleading voters. 

Not surprisingly, they trashed Republicans for not being “ready to move on” from a “painful” and “dark chapter” in the Biden family’s history and insisting there hasn’t been “any evidence...of wrongdoing” regarding the Biden family’s overseas business dealings.



Also of note, we saw ABC finally arrive on scene with coverage on a flagship newscast of the IRS whistleblower hearing and a network mention of Hunter’s love child with a former stripper.

ABC’s Terry Moran said the (now dead) plea would be “a moment that’s the culmination of a year’s long federal investigation, a painful reminder of a dark chapter in the Biden family, and the latest scene in a lurid scandal that Republicans promise is far from over.”

Moran also broke the ABC blackout on any of their top newscasts (AM, PM, or Sunday AM talk show) to mention last week’s bombshell House Oversight hearing with two longtime IRS investigators (click “expand”):

CONGRESSMAN JAMES COMER (R-KY) [on 07/19/23]: Do you swear or affirm that the testimony you are about to give is the truth?

MORAN: But two long time tax investigators with the IRS testified lasted week that wasn’t true, alleging prosecutors did not appear to follow the normal investigative process.

JOSEPH ZIEGLER [on 07/19/23]: It appeared to me, based on what I experienced, that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, in our investigation, was constantly, hamstrung, limited, and marginalized by DOJ officials.

Senior congressional correspondent Rachel Scott boasted Biden remains “proud of his son” before fretting “Republicans are making it clear they are not satisfied” with the Weiss probe and thus “will continue on with their investigations into claims that the President has used his political career to personally benefit, enrich, and protect his family.”

Despite over a half dozen Biden family members mysteriously receiving foreign money and evidence produced by dogged journalists such as MRC Bulldog Award winner Miranda Devine, Devine’s colleagues at the New York Post, and our friends at the Daily Caller and Washington Examiner, Scott pathetically insisted Republicans “have not been able to prove any evidence here of wrongdoing.”

ABC also had chief legal analyst Dan Abrams, who reiterated his belief that the Hunter Biden plea deal is actually harsh and Hunter shouldn’t have faced any charges.

Shifting to NBC, co-host Hoda Kotb stated near the top of their coverage that the plea deal “comes as Congress prepares to hear more testimony tied to the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business practices.” As for specifics, NBC couldn’t be bothered.

Correspondent Ryan Nobles explained that Hunter’s “legal team hopes that it marks the end of his legal troubles, but the Republicans on Capitol Hill are insistent that their investigations into the President’s son, business dealings, and its possible connections to Joe Biden are just beginning.”

Nobles further fretted that “Republicans not ready to move on,” including “an investigation into the younger Biden’s business practices” that “continue to be a political distraction for the President.”

He also played into the no evidence crowd and offered up a form of the word “seize”:

His political rivals have seized on it on the campaign trail. And back in Washington, House GOP members continue to try and link Hunter’s business dealings to the President, though they have yet to see any concrete evidence, even using the investigations to open the door to potential impeachment proceedings.

Citing alleged impersonation by someone on Team Hunter unearthed Tuesday, Nobles whined this was “an example of how” far those “who want to see Hunter Biden and, by extension, Joe Biden fail” will go.

To his credit, Nobles did provide what might be the first network mention of Hunter Biden’s love child though he didn’t mention Biden and Roberts met when she was a stripper or how the President refuses to admit she exists:

Today’s plea deal comes after Hunter Biden settled a long-running child support dispute last month with Lunden Roberts, the Arkansas mother of a child he fathered in 2018. Roberts said in a court filing last year that the President and first family “remain estranged” from the child but Hunter Biden agreed in 2020 to pay some monthly child support. The White House has declined to discuss the issue.

In contrast, CBS Mornings had two minutes and 42 seconds on Hunter Biden and, while it didn’t bring up any of the new allegations against Hunter and the Biden family, correspondent Catherine Herridge steered clear of the hyperbolic language on ABC and NBC.

Wednesday’s election interference on behalf of the Biden campaign and dismissing the need to even glance at Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings was made possible thanks to the support of advertisers such as Allstate (on ABC and NBC), Carmax (on ABC), and Citi (on NBC). Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

To see the relevant transcript from July 26, click here (for ABC) and here (for NBC).