No Holds Barred: Joy Reid Latches Onto Lies About Border Agents Using ‘Whips’

September 21st, 2021 11:36 PM

When there’s a piece of fake news to promote that furthers a leftist narrative, it’s all but guaranteed that MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid will be there to spew any and all lies to confirm her priors. Such was the case on Monday and Tuesday with the outrageously false claims that Border Patrol officials were whipping illegal immigrants from Haiti.

On both nights, Reid seemed hellbent that “these horrifying images” that harkened back to the days of slavery and the Fugitive Slave Act that no explanation of basic horsemanship could stand in the way of her hate-filled, racist heart.



Reid began Monday’s Haiti segment by saying she had to “show you some unbelievable images shot near Del Rio, Texas” of “a horse patrol for U.S. Customs and Border Protection trying to corral human beings like cattle, chasing after Haitian migrants trying to cross back into the United States.”

“These horrifying images seem far more reminiscent of the Fugitive Slaves Act of the 1790s and 1850 and not in 2021. Today, the chief of border patrol told reporters that these agents are most likely using a technique to control their horses but would look into the matter. Wow. Okay. Thanks,” she added.

Going full Jim Acosta by suggesting America wasn’t living up to the notion of Emma Lazarus’s poem The New Colossus, Reid parroted the lie from DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that “the border is indeed closed” and brought in Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to stand up for open borders.

Omar responded the U.S.’s behavior has been one massive “cruel” and “inhumane” “violation of domestic laws and international laws” by the U.S. to prevent Haitians from their “international right” to “seek asylum” in the U.S.

After Omar insisted the plight of Haiti was criminally inflicted upon them by the United States, Reid played the race hard as April Ryan did hours earlier by wondering why can’t the Biden administration let them in en masse and shelter them in the way that Afghans have following the end of our 20-year war.

Skip ahead to the end of the segment and Reid returned to the whipping by suggesting that, as punishment, the Department of Homeland Security should be defunded (click “expand”):

REID: And I — very quickly, you know, I — I know that, you know, funding for the government begins in the House. Should we be looking at the budget of Department of Homeland Security? Because I was not aware that whips which come from the slave era, slavery era, were part of the package that we issue to any sort of law enforcement or government-sanctioned personnel. Were you aware that was being issued to people, that people had that kind of equipment on them that they could use on humans?

OMAR: I — I — I was not. And I am quite appalled. You know, when it comes to our immigration policy, for so many years, cruelty has been very much embedded in it. There is obviously systematic racism at play here. We have seen many people come to our — our border and the fact that we are dealing with mainly black migrants and black immigrants and asylum seekers at our border in this kind of way really speaks to the kind of racism — systematic racism that is embedded in that department and all of the departments that deal with our immigration policy.

Predictably, Tuesday wasn’t any better with Reid doubling down on her complaint about “the awful treatment of Haitian migrants at the southern border.” This time, however, she had on Mayorkas to hit him from the left.

Reid began by touting the clip of Vice President Harris trashing the Border Patrol: “Today, Vice President Kamala Harris denounced the images of border horse patrol agents corralling human beings like animals in an aggressive show of force.”

The MSNBC host set the table for Mayorkas by arguing for illegal immigration by citing the ways that Haiti’s become, in effect, a failed state and then asserting with absolute certainty that Mayorkas’s employees were racists using horses to take down Black people (click “expand”):

REID: And I guess the obvious first question is: Who, to your knowledge, were these agents on horseback? Why were they permitted to operate in this way and is this some sort of standard procedure to corral people using horseback maneuvers that really look like you're herding cattle?

MAYORKAS: Joy, thank you very much for having me on the show. The matter is under investigation, as I mentioned to the Vice President today, when we spoke earlier. Let me be very, very clear. I, too, was horrified by the images captured by photographers with respect to the activities of Border Patrol agents of horseback. We do not condone, we do not tolerate any mistreatment of any migrant. What we did is we directed an immediate investigation of the events that were captured in the photographs and on video. We — I have ensured that the top leadership of the Office of Professional Responsibility lead that investigation and that it be conducted thoroughly and swiftly. We need this resolved swiftly and in fact, I anticipate that the results of the investigation will be available by the end of next week and I have committed to making the results public. 

The rest of the interview consisted of Reid pressing from even further to the left, demanding to know why would any Haitian be sent back to Haiti and that COVID rules should be suspended because Haitians deserve to be here.

They circled the drain on said policy (known as Title 42), but Reid couldn’t acknowledge the fact that, as per the reporting of the few journalists doing work on the ground, only single, Haitian men are being deported (with the rest being released into the country with notices to appear).

A few minutes later, a frustrated Reid went to break with an edict about wording: “I want to reiterate to our audience: it is not illegal to seek asylum in the United States. It is not, so we need to talk about this in that language.”

Uh-huh, Joy. Someone should ask if those Haitians have a right then to flood her house and demand refuge.

Reid hitching her wagon to another liberal lie was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as BMW, Discover, Farmer’s Insurance, and Fidelity. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

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