Far-Left, Pro-Mob Networks Ignore Mike Lee’s Senate Resolution Condemning Mob Violence

July 3rd, 2020 1:12 AM

In another blatant display of support for the anti-America, anti-cop, violent, and vulgar mobs, Thursday’s broadcast network evening newscasts refused to cover Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee’s attempt to pass a Senate resolution condemning mob violence, which was thwarted by Democrats via Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

Lee took to the Senate floor Thursday afternoon seeking to pass a Simple Resolution (which are non-binding and thus lack “the force of law”) that drew on the Declaration of Independence and denounced those who have, among other things, “instigated and indulged in mob violence and criminal property destruction, not in service of any just or coherent cause.”

Since the left (and their media allies) support such behavior to further their ideological agendas, ABC’s World News Tonight, the CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News skimped on this basic declaration of what America shouldn’t be about.

In a similar vein of showing support for the mob, Menendez objected and killed the resolution after trying to add a line “especially the President of the United States” when it came to elected officials refraining from inciting and supporting such violence.

Lee didn’t take too lightly to either action, calling out Senate Democrats for refusing to condemn those who “have perpetuated or enabled or facilitated or coddled mob violence across the country” because, after all, they’ve shown to agree with it (click “expand”):

Just so everyone is clear about the bat guano-inspired insanity we just witnessed, I just proposed a non-binding resolution condemning mob violence and Senate Democrats objected. I don't know whether to be outraged or embarrassed for them. This isn't even a bill. It's just a statement that says mob violence is bad. That Democrats can't say mob violence is bad without simultaneously taking a jab at the President of the United States? By the way, what about the mayor of Seattle? What about the City Council of Minneapolis? What about the countless other people who have perpetuated or enabled or facilitated or coddled mob violence across the country? It’s one of the reasons why we’re not going to engage in this — this task of making a political tit-for-tat. It’s not that. People are being shot. Business are being looted. Innocent Americans are being attacked and threatened. Lives are being ruined. Communities are burning, literally burning. So who's side are you on? This resolution was designed to be unifying.


I guess we should be thankful for clarity and now we know. We don't have to ask. They told us how they feel about this resolution. You can't really oppose this, it seems to me, without being on the side of the mobs, of mob violence, of mob mentality, of cruelty and intolerance and terror. Now we understand what this resolution is about. I don't think one can oppose this without being comfortable with those things. 

He added that the mobs are “not edgy,” “enlightened,” “hip,” or even “progressive,” but rather “dim-witted phony drama addicts...failed by an education system and addled by a social media culture that taught them to be victims instead of citizens.”

Lee continued (click “expand”):

A privileged, self-absorbed crime syndicate with participation trophy degrees trying to find meaning in empty lives by destroying things that other Americans have spent honest, productive lives building and today we learned — today we learned that there are those who are comfortable with this. There are those who are at least not inclined to vote for this resolution which simply condemns mob violence. It's long past time to expose the shiftless idiocy of the anti-American, anti-science, anti-establishment, anti-Constitution mob and remove their snouts from the federal trough. Colleges and universities that punish free speech and discriminate against conservative and religious students, city councils who defund police departments and refuse to protect public safety, states that force doctors to mutilate confused children without their parents consent, school districts that embrace the ahistorical nonsense of The 1619 Project, the smug, sneering privilege of all of the above and much more, the whole garbage fire that is the woke ideology depends on federal money. The mob hates America on America's dime. It's time to cut off their allowance.


As evidenced by the fact that as proposed modification would have provided, it would have said “our elected officials should not incite violence or legitimate those who engage in hate-fueled acts. Last I checked, the President of the United States was and is an elected official. This would apply to him. My counter in no way insulated not him, not any elected official. Not any of us from this resolution which simply condemns mob violence.

Thankfully, the FNC’s Ingraham Angle tackled both Lee’s remarks and the makeup of the mob with fill-in host Raymond Arroyo and guest Sohab Ahmari of the New York Post.

Fox News @ Night also covered Lee’s attempt. Fill-in host Mike Emanuel noted that Lee had “proposed a non-binding resolution today condemning ‘mob violence,’ but one Democratic objection by Bob Menendez of New Jersey was enough to kill the motion.”



Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli joined Emanuel to react and was outraged by Menendez’s behavior, calling it “astonishing that any American, regardless of party, would disagree with the condemnation of mob violence.”

In part, Cuccinnelli added: 

Maybe it's because Senator Lee is also standing against the violence and vandalism that President Trump is standing against that Senator Menendez can't tolerate such a position and so he's for violence, he's for vandalism, and that's a sad, sad thing. Sad enough to see in our country. It's even worse to see it on the floor of the U.S. Senate.