‘Hardball’: Anti-Trump Books Are Like the Gospels, Kerry Book Is Great, and Trump Doesn’t Care About 9/11



Panel Questions Whether Trump Cares About 9/11 Remembrances, Victims

If Glaude’s personal attacks weren’t enough, the discussion moved to the 17th anniversary of the radical Islamic terror attacks on September 11, 2001 and falsely accusing Trump of treating the day like it was one of fun focusing on attacks against his political opponents.

“Well, President Trump started his day by tweeting about Russia and Hillary Clinton. Moments before delivering a speech commemorating those who had died, the president greeted supporters at the airport [in Shanksvill, Pennsylvania], at a moment which was caught by a photographer, quickly went viral. It looks, Susan, like a campaign event,” Matthews complained to faux Republican Susan Del Percio.

Del Percio responded that “he looks at everything” like it’s a campaign event and “[h]e assumes that people are there for him and that he knows are his people.”

Matthews appeared to question Trump’s empathy or respect for the heroes on Flight 93 while Del Percio and Glaude agreed (click “expand” to read more):

MATTHEWS: What’s the rah-rah about that? I mean, there was courage on that plane, Flight 93.

DEL PERCIO: Of course.

MATTHEWS: It was courage, let’s roll, it’s one of — actually the thrilling moments of a terrible day in our history and the world history where the people on the plane who knew it was going to happen, said no.

DEL PERCIO: And what’s interesting is Donald Trump knew the speech he was going to give and he actually delivered, in that window, the speech quite well for Donald Trump, but he woke up and tweeted about Hillary Clinton and in going against Jeff Sessions, he completely turned the tone of that event and that’s what he woke up doing, wanting a fight, and that’s what you see with the fist pumps and everything else and he really just turned a day — two times today, once with that and once again when talking about Puerto Rico. The man just cannot get out of his own way and stop thinking about himself.

GLAUDE: He’s not a decent human being, Chris. He’s simply not a decent human being in my view and here, everything he says about 9/11 is overshadowed by the fact that he lied and said he saw Muslims cheering in New Jersey. He’s — he lost hundreds of friends that he could never, he never verified, right....I think he’s so preoccupied with himself that it’s a clinical narcissism. I’m not a clinician. He’s so preoccupied with himself that he can only see suffering through his own interests.


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