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Glaude: ‘Narcissist’ Trump ‘Lacks the Capacity’ to Emphasize with Hurricane Victims

Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude reiterated his hatred for the President during the Hardball Roundtable segment, responding to a Matthews statement wondering “[w]hy would the President brag about” the government’s response to Hurricane Maria when it’s “something that makes him look like a fool.”

“Because he lacks the capacity for empathy. He can only see suffering through the eyes of his own self interest and purposes and so, he can’t see the bodies at his feet because he’s constantly looking up,” Glaude replied.

Matthews followed up by harping on Trump’s paper towel throwing incident last year in Puerto Rico and thus it gave Glaude the chance to pile on:

Because he views his role as a charitable one, as a philanthropic one. He doesn’t see himself as a commander-in-chief and to the extent to which that’s true, then because he lacks empathy, he lacks the capacity for self-reflection, for self-critical self-reflection. So, in the midst of failing with regards to Puerto Rico, now you know that close to 3,000 people died. You know you failed logistically. You can’t self-correct because you’re too much of a narcissist.


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