Levin Nukes Liberal Media Over Their ‘Tyrannical Agenda,’ Legitimizing ‘A Porn Star,’ ‘Crackpot’ Avenatti

July 24th, 2018 5:37 PM

In the first hour of his eponymous talk show Monday night, conservative author and host Mark Levin tore into the “totalitarian” liberal media for, among other things, being “historically illiterate” or “ideologically driven” in calling President Trump a Nazi, “mainstream[ing]” Stormy Daniels and “crackpot” Michael Avenatti, and painting themselves as chief defenders of the First Amendment.

Levin concluded his B-Block with a succinct takedown of the liberal media’s self-lionization and worship as if they’re in the Avengers or Justice League or firefighters rushing into a burning building. After all, as Levin would agree, the First Amendment isn’t exclusively about the press and the American people who keep our founding documents alive, not the press.

He explained: “[D]on’t give me this freedom of the press crap. We’re the ones who defend the Bill of Rights, not them. We’re the ones who defend the Constitution, not them. They don’t believe in the freedom of the press. They believe in propaganda of the press.”

He also noted that, while they may try to argue otherwise, there’s no one seriously laying waste to any of the cable networks and trying to shut them down. If you’re a leftist reading this site, you might think that’s our mission, but that must mean you haven’t the word accountability before.

“But how many runs have they made at talk radio? How many times have they attacked Fox News? Two small areas of the media. They’re the people with the totalitarian mindset. They’re the ones with the tyrannical agenda,” he concluded before a commercial break.

Going back to the start of the segment, Levin went right to work by declaring that “the media in this country is corrupt” and “ideological through and through” and while “[t]he President is right to call it the Fake News,” he made an important caveat that the media “as a rule, not the enemy of the people but they are reporters who are.”

He then laid out his parameters and how educationally misinformed they are about history (click “expand” for more):

[B]ut they are reporters who are when they distort news, when they use certain guests in order to promote an agenda, when they omit certain important pieces of information, when they continue this drumbeat — this drumbeat, which encourages guests who call the President a Nazi, who lie about immigration that we’re running Nazi concentration camps and Japanese internment camps. Who’s ever heard of rhetoric like this in news programs? Who’s ever heard of talk like this? Have these people ever been to Auschwitz? Have they ever watched a movie about Holocaust? Do they know what took place? Are they familiar with Japanese internment camps? Do they know who’s responsible for it? Do they know what took place? No.

“Do they know what took place? No. They’re historically illiterate or they’re ideologically-driven, either one. That’s not media providing information to the American people. These are propagandists who push an agenda,” Levin argued.

When they do things like that, Levin pointed out that it’s because “[t]hey hate this man Trump” but “loved Obama” and want to push their own leftist “propaganda.” He then laid out the example of Stormy Daniels (click “expand” to read more):

Stormy Daniels is a non-story. Stormy Daniels is a non-story. It was a non-disclosure agreement apparently signed. So why is there a story? Because she’s violating a non-disclosure agreement. They’re trying to embarrass the President. So what? Week after week after week after week. A porn star, the media, mainstreams a porn star and her crackpot, slip-and-fall lawyer. He was on ABC Sunday with George Stephanopoulos. Why? Why? Is he particularly smart? Has he done anything special? Is he profound? Is there something we need to know? No. Because they want him on national TV. 

After a riff blasting the media-assisted rise of socialism led by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he circled back to the liberal media and rhetorically wondered why CNN and MSNBC don’t seem to have spent much or any time talking about entitlements or the national debt.

Leading into the epic rant quoted earlier, he joked that perhaps it requires Stormy Daniels to be concerned about those issues or talk about it while stripping for the press to care.