About Damn Time: WashPost Changes Jen Rubin’s Bio from ‘Conservative’ to ‘Center’ Blog

On Wednesday night, Decision Desk HQ’s Varad Mehta astutely flagged down this stealth edit by The Washington Post as, while faux Republican writer Jennifer Rubin’s blog is still referred to as the Right Turn blog,” her biography now claims that she supposedly publishes articles “from a center perspective.”

It should also be noted that, while her bio has been changed on her author page, the formal landing page for theRight Turn blogstill defines itself (as of this blog’s publication) as “Jennifer Rubin's take from a conservative perspective.” Here's a screen cap of the page:



First of all, what gives changing the first sentence of her bio but not the name of the blog? And why in the world is the name of her page the “Right Turn blog?” Since The Post has somewhat admitted that she’s moved leftward and no longer offers a “conservative perspective,” the word “center” on its own is not something synonymous with the left or right. 

So this would work only if she’s somehow stuck in a roundabout and you can’t characterize where she’s at on the political spectrum. Then again, that makes too much sense for the liberal media.

Our friend Peter Hasson at the Daily Caller reached out to Rubin and The Post, but he has yet to hear back as to why this tweak was made.

At any rate, it should have long been clear to any reasonable human being that the columnist and MSNBC political analyst was anything but a conservative or right-of-center figure. 

Upon perusing the vast NewsBusters archives, here’s a sample of headlines for Rubin-related blogs accompanied by the date (presented from oldest to recent): 

NB Daily Conservatives & Republicans Liberals & Democrats Washington Post Jennifer Rubin
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